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Top 3 Alternatives To SpeedWrite

If you work in a marketing team and have to burn your brain to get more ideas for your campaigns or copies, we are here to help! In this article you will find the simplest and most complete explanation about how a paraphrasing tool can save your day. In addition, we include a top 3 with the best alternatives to a popular option as SpeedWrite. 

What Is Paraphrasing? How Can It Help Me?

Paraphrasing is a writing technique that helps any writer to keep her/his ideas as original as possible. We all take words from other people in our daily life and that’s okay because we live in society and language has no owner. But when it comes to public quotations or official material it can become a serious problem. On enterprises, editorials, or press all that was said by a person is correctly indicated.  

But what happens if we plagiarize our own ideas without knowing? This situation is very common in the communication and creative field. And correcting or replacing words by hand could be hard work and a useless waste of time. That’s why there are websites that, by only pasating our text, allows us to rewrite and add text quickly.  You will be sure that every phrase is understandable and unique.

The SpeedWrite Case

SpeedWrite is a great website that produces well-styled and distinctive written content. It is precise and quick: you can get your result in 60 seconds, according to its description. You only have to copy and paste your article and it will create one-of-a-kind writing. It also allows you to use creative commons text. Besides, you may easily export your work to an external editor like Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or LibreOffice at any moment. But you can’t change too many words because the features of a liberated text are very limited.  

Best Alternatives To SpeedWrite


rewrite tool

Plaraphy is the most accurate and comprehensive paraphrase generator available online and as an API (application programming software). It will completely review your original material up to 1,000 characters and replace all instances of plagiarism with new wording. It employs exact artificial technology and machine learning to rephrase any text including synonyms and structural alterations. 

Your marketing team will also have three re-writing options to choose from: standard, fluent, and creative. They only have to individually register and subscribe in order to acquire a sample of 200 characters and begin utilizing it! It makes use of different programming languages so you can use the one which meets your expectations. Start using Plaraphy today and save money and time!


rewrite tool

Paraphrase28 effectively rewrites from articles and essays to short copies instantly and without processing limits. Your text won’t have any plagiarism sign after using the website from any device. This program works with artificial intelligence to generate new combinations and sentences. But it maintains the structure, so don’t worry the meaning doesn’t completely change.  


InstaText is a simple writing and editing tool that assists you in rewriting your content so that it is understood and regarded as professional. This tool enhances your text firstly, correcting grammatical problems. Then, suggesting styling and word choice and finally, enriching it to make it more readable and clear. Instead of focusing on the correct word selection, you could rephrase to transform your thoughts into relevant communications in seconds. 

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