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Top 3 Alternatives To SpinnerChief

Does your developer’s team need to create an efficient paraphrasing tool for a client? In this article, we tell you all the data you have to know about paraphrasing and rewriting. Don’t miss the last paragraphs because we include a list of the best alternatives to SpinnerChief. 

What Is Paraphrasing And Why Do You Need An AI Tool To Do It

According to the Oxford Dictionary, paraphrasing is remarking a quotation but expressing it in a new way, usually to make it simpler to understand. If we have to rewrite what we just said, we could mention that it is explaining a concept. But in a way that we can replace words without losing the meaning. Of course, we can do it on our own unless we have a pile of text that could have a plagiarism annotation. In this case, we will need the help of a machine learning or AI tool that can optimize the process. 

Spinner Chief: An Example Of Paraphrasing

SpinnerChief is a good example of a paraphrasing tool. It can automatically produce material with almost human quality by utilizing cutting-edge artificial technologies. And it has features like auto-grammar fix, cloud Thesaurus for synonyms, and many others. Employing an organic technique of spinning will adapt your text to your goal without plagiarism. Also, it operates by selecting the statistically most relevant synonym for every word or phrase. Although it seems an excellent choice for your application project, it is not affordable and you won’t have several programming languages. 


Expand Your Options With The Best Alternatives



Plaraphy is the most accurate and comprehensive alternative accessible online. It will entirely review your source material and replace any instances of plagiarism. It employs AI technology to change similar words, including synonyms, and make structural alterations. Your clients will also have three re-writing options to choose from standard, fluent, and creative. They must register and subscribe in order to receive a sample of 1,000 characters and begin using it! And what is best, it has an API and cURL, JavaScript, and JSON coding options. Use these rewriting capabilities in your applications and just get what you need for your traffic needs!



Prepostseo is a text rewrite that alters the sentence from line to line and word to word. It takes the original content as an input and generates fresh non-plagiarism material as an output in seconds. You might use it to reword articles and essays. It prevents plagiarism by modifying synonyms and phrases to distinguish the paraphrased material from the original. You could select simple, advanced, or AI mode among fluency, standard, or creative styles. 



Editpat will assist your people in the rewriting of any content format. It is possible to modify your text form without changing the topic’s context. It has a straightforward user interface. You just have to copy and paste it into the input box or upload a file from the system. Then, choose a language from the dropdown menu and click the Paraphrase button to retype. New paragraphs will be presented on the right, and you may check for plagiarism or even summarize it.

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