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Top 3 APIs For Converting Measurement Units

If you are working on a project where you need to integrate unit of measure conversions this article will interest you. We will bring you some of the best APIs for you to use in your software, app or web.

The variety of units of measurement has been around since ancient times when man’s needs grew and developing ways to measure accurately was necessary. The curious thing about the first systems is that they were based on the use of the parts and dimensions of the human body and natural surroundings as measuring instruments.

Of course, over time this became more and more detailed and exact, but in the course of time the variety of units of measurement expanded.

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At present, there are a large number of units to measure each physical magnitude. This is due to the fact that, on the one hand, certain regions used their own units, which has led to the existence of a large number of them, and on the other hand, it is sometimes necessary to use units that allow us to obtain smaller values that are easier to work with.

In any case, the scientific community recommends using only the units of the International System and if our magnitudes are not in this system, we should generally convert them to an equivalent value. The following are what we think are the top 3 APIs for converting measurement units!

Measurement Unit Conversion

Measurement Unit Conversion API provides all accessible measurement units in a single endpoint. You will be able to convert from any unit to the ones you choose with this understanding. That’s all there is to it. This API is suitable for users that deal with data and need to offer different units dependent on the things they have. You should be able to deliver the conversion swiftly.

If you want more details about Measurement Unit Conversion API, the API documentation tab offers all of the information you need, including endpoints for measurement types and measurement units, as well as a list of everything supported by this API.

Unit Converter

Unit Converter API is used to easily convert between different Units of Measure for many quantities. Measurements can be converted based on their full name (e.g. Millimeter) or their abbreviations (e.g. mm). The available quantities, units and abbreviations can be retrieved through the API as well.

You can use Unit Converter to do any to any unit of measure conversions or integrate a specific conversion into your application. Different pricing plans are available to suit your use case.

Units converter

Unit Converter converts the given quantity of a unit to the equivalent amount of all other units of a given measurement that the API provides conversion between.

The Units Converter API allows developers to easily add a unit converter to their applications. This is done by performing HTTP GET requests with the appropriate parameters. Several units of measurement are supported, among which the following are included data, density, energy, force, fuel economy, amongst many others.

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