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Top 3 APIs For Doing Parental Control On Your Browser

Are you looking for a way to strength the security of your children online? If that is your case, read to the end because here we will introduce you to the top 3 APIs for doing parental control on your browser!

It is well known that children increasingly prefer to play computer games and spend hours in front of the screen. Even in schools, laptops are used to speed up their learning. This is also something that has been left behind by the virtuality to which schooling had to adapt during the pandemic. 

However, this has made it clear that children are exposed to all kinds of unsafe content when they spend hours and hours on the internet unsupervised. One click on a page that may appear to be suitable for children can lead to them having to view adult content, gambling or illegal substances.

However, unless you can spend hours with them while they are using their computers, it is very difficult to prevent this from happening. However, technology has made its contribution to parental control and you can also help yourself with an API to take care of your children.

The APIs that are most suitable for doing parental control are named domain APIs and can simply analyze if any domain is safe or not. These sophisticated tools can tell for sure within a few seconds if the sites your children are visiting are adequate for their age or not. 

These APIs often provide a straightforward response regarding the safety of the domain, and also give you a confidence rate about the site. Thus, you can also access to a list of categories related to the site. This way, you will know if a website is connected to drugs, violence or sexual content. 

Domain APIs are becoming increasingly popular and are being used also to protect school networks. Besides, business make good use of them to protect their own company data and prevent scams, cyberatacks and malware. 

Here, we will show you the top 3 APIs for doing parental control available in 2022: 

Domain Reputation And Children Safety API

This is the most appropriate domain API on the market right now. It can easily assist you in supplying security information about any domain. Basically make an API call, and this tool will return a true/false response, where true means “safe.” As a result, it will also provide you with a confidence rating from 1 to 100, with 1 being the most threatening domain.

Domain Reputation And Children Safety API can indeed assist you in preventing scams, cyberattacks, and keeping your devices secure by identifying sites that you should not visit. It’s obtainable on the Zyla API Hub, and you can give it a spin for unrestricted to see how it works!

Domain Reputation API

You can analyze your own or someone else’s domain or IP address using the Domain Reputation API. The software uses hundreds of parameters to calculate reputation scores. It can look into the website’s content, relationships with other domains, and host configuration, as well as whether the domain has been flagged as risky in a number of malware data feeds distributed across the Internet. It does, however, provide information on the domain’s mail exchanger (MX) record configuration and associated mail servers, as well as the WHOIS record and nameserver configuration.

This API endpoint determines whether a domain name has been used for email authorization, a source of threats, or other malicious purposes. It rates the domain’s reputation: the lower the score, the riskier the domain. A positive score indicates that the domain is well-known, whereas a zero score indicates neutrality. is an IP address, domain name, email address, password, and credit card BIN/IIN number database.

We have already introduced you to the top 3 best APIs for parental control. Just give them a try and take a look at the results!

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