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Top 3 APIs For Obtaining Relevant Asked Questions In Google Of A Certain Topic

Would you like to discover the world of APIs that are used for obtaining relevant asked questions in Google of a certain topic? Good news! Here we have selected the top 3 APIs for you! Keep reading to find more about them!

The way people search on Google is evolving. Searches are growing more complex, detailed, and time-consuming. We know that when people turn to Google for assistance, their query is frequently written in the form of a question. They might inquire about the release date of a new record, the name of an actor they saw in a movie, or how to utilize a tool or product.

These are examples of the increase of question keywords, regardless of the search query. People will constantly ask Google questions. And as voice search grows more prominent, these terms will only become more common.

So we can deduce that being able to see what users are searching is really important because it can give you insights into what your users are interested in and what they are looking for on your site. This information can be used to improve your site’s content and design to better meet your users’ needs. So below, we give you 3 options of APIs for obtaining relevant asked questions.

Get User Seach on Google API by Zyla Labs

Based on the keywords you enter, this API determines the most commonly asked queries on Google. The Get User Seach on Google API by Zyla Labs will accept queries from the Keyword you choose and will return a list of the most commonly asked questions, split by terms such as “what”, “does”, “which”, “when”, or “who”, among many more.

This fantastic API will enable you to determine the queries that potential buyers of your items are asking. Knowing what users want and need can also help you produce better headlines for your advertising or SEO pieces, allowing you to stand out in the rankings. The Get User Search API will also assist you in extracting and recognizing hot requests by employing keywords.


QuestionDB is a tool for asking keyword questions. If used appropriately, it can be a beneficial tool for authors and marketers aiming to expand a blog. To begin, choose a wide term.  

If you use the correct term, you will get a long list of questions. Make a list of seed keywords based on your experience or the initial search. Then, individually search these on QuestionDB to receive a list of particular questions on these topics that you can utilize as blog content ideas.

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Answer The Public by Ubersuggest

AnswerThePublic collects autocomplete data from search engines such as Google and rapidly generates every valuable phrase and question people are asking about your topic.

It’s a collection of consumer insights that you can utilize to develop new content, goods, and services that your customers demand. This API allows you to investigate queries and issues that your prospects or customers may have.

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