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Top 3 APIs To Check Potential Plagiarism

Thanks to the short, medium, and long-term benefits, it is more than proven that digital marketing has become an essential piece in the commercial strategy we want for our brand. It is the tool that helps define the relationship we will have with our users and meet the business objectives we want to achieve. Expressing the voice of the brand in different channels will make us relevant, and innovative and reach more audiences over time.

But what other reasons do we have to invest in content marketing? If you focus on creating fun and valuable content, you will have the possibility to generate and increase traffic to your brand, you will convert users into loyal customers who will not hesitate at any time to bet on your product because you know how to offer effective solutions, you can boost other communication channels such as social networks. This will also be convenient for your audience to find you in other places.

Likewise, if you want a strategy whose investment is not too high, but whose benefits are sustainable and important, content marketing is for you. It has been proven that creating content frequently is the ideal method to generate targeted traffic. This will also be achieved by capturing keywords and integrating SEO formats so that our audience can find us and bet on us.

Currently, there are thousands of examples that give us a perspective on the advantages that we can get with the creation of content. But, as expected, we must also take into account that we must be patient to see the results and that this represents a great opportunity for us to explore creative ways to position our brand.

On the other hand, we must beware of plagiarism, a practice that although it is not as popular as in previous years, does represent a risk for those who do it because it will be enough to lose online reputation and the trust of our customers, decrease sales and legal consequences that will truncate any attempt to reverse the situation.

Plagiarism can jeopardize your efforts as a digital strategist to achieve your brand’s goals. Luckily, some methods and tools will help us filter content before sharing, but an interesting bet is to adopt a plagiarism tracker API which we can integrate into our internal processes and automate to get quick results.

What Are The Best Detect Copied Content APIs?

Paraphrasing Tool

This API has algorithms capable of processing any type of text to identify phrases and words to rewrite them and come up with different content to publish. This, by the way, represents a great help to obtain original content. Likewise, Paraphrasing Tool will also take care of removing any sign of plagiarism it detects at the moment.

Plagiarism Remover

Another powerful alternative that you can also adopt in your content creation tools is Plagiarism Remover, which will help you remove plagiarized words and phrases, to replace them with unique texts to obtain the original information. It is also ideal for working with academic texts.

Plagiarism Checker API

If you are looking for the most efficient tool on the market, Plagiarism Checker API is the best. This plagiarism API has powerful algorithms to detect plagiarism in any of your content, through analysis and comparison with other texts already published. You will be able to know the percentage of similarity (at the moment of making the comparison) and it will show the links from where the information was extracted. You will even know if your content are being taken by third parties. Regardless of the use you want to make of it, you will be able to count on a tool that is quick and easy to integrate because it is designed to be flexible according to your objectives as a brand. In a short time, it will become the best companion for every content creator.

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