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Top 3 APIs To Protect Your Web Against Spam Registrations

We all know spam accounts are a threat to your website security. At the same time it is upsetting to find so many junk accounts clogging your database. Spam user registrations are usually generated by bots. You must find a way to filter junk accounts from subscribing to your website, so for example a common technique is that the new subscriber needs to click on a confirmation link to complete his registration process. How can you prevent spambots from generating user accounts?

Spammers´ intention in registering is malicious: they want to scatter even more spam by getting into your website. A plugin that is not regularly updated is fertile ground for spammers; your vulnerability grows and they can exploit this situation. Most spambots are only scripts that generate fake accounts. Let`s see how easy it is to stop them, with the same tools as for stopping spam contacts, i.e. restricting access to your login page and your site.

There are filtering tools that will accomplish the process in an automated way, using the latest developments in software (AI, ML, DL and NLP). You can disable user`s registration, set the default user role, make a custom user registration form, activate approval for new registrations, add a CAPTCHA to the form or a double opt-in form, add a text question to the form, add a honey pot and a block comment spam, use geolocation to reduce registrations, implement time analysis, install a security plugin, hide target request, block spam IP manually, and connect your forms to your filtering applications.

Spam Detection API, together with Spam Checker API, Spam Prevention API and Block Spammers API by ZYLA LABS, work together to filter spam before your system, site, network, etc. gets damaged. It provides these useful platforms that construct a robust shield to keep everything “pristine”.

But still we wonder why spammers keep subscribing to our site! The most common reason is that they want to spam your signups. They are definitely looking for vulnerability in your site so as to get some profit. It could also be to take hold of your email addresses to send spam. They may have other reasons, but the result is always the same: your system is affected.

SpamTitan is another filtering application to prevent spam by scanning all incoming emails and registrations, in real time. It offers high security as well, with all the automated tools against threats, with constantly evolving techniques to protect your business.  It can predict new attacks with the use of prevention technology.

Spam Experts is another efficient tool that is permanently analyzing data to predict and identify new outbursts of spam. The integrated intelligent component accumulates information for updating its models that will protect your organization also from spam registrations.

All these platforms are proven solutions against spam. They are highly efficient for spam filtering, with an accuracy of nearly 100% spam detection rate, and hardly any false positive rate. The money you invest in the platform is well below your gains in productivity, time and security. They are very easily installed, and you will see results at once. They are easily deployed, managed and operated, with scalability in the number of users or domains.

Registrations by default are frequently attractive to spammers and spambots because they are set up to look for links to subscribe false users. Redirecting requests is a very useful strategy to stave off these subscribers. A registration form embedded to your page customizes the subscription process and manages the redirection. However, let the APIs work by themselves and protect you.

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