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Top 3 Image Classification APIs For Media And Entertainment Companies

Do you want to know about the top three best image classification APIs for media and entertainment companies? If so, keep reading!

If you haven’t noticed, the digital age has arrived. Because of the widespread use of artificial intelligence and the Internet, media and entertainment companies are currently producing a lot of data that needs constant classification. But you may be wondering: why is this needed?

Well, consider when we use facial recognition on our iPhones to unlock them, or carry out web searches. We usually don’t give too much thought to this process. However, at the core of most of these techniques is the computer’s capacity to evaluate an image and assign it a label; so you can find exactly what you are looking for.

This is why media and entertainment companies employ image classification to make their clients’ experiences easier when using their apps and websites; as well as to facilitate better communication. For these reasons they employ image classification APIs.

Top 3 Image Classification APIs For Media And Entertainment Companies

Which Is The Best Image Classification API For Your Company?

Developers and businesses may access a wider image classification database thanks to image classification APIs; which helps them create better software and websites. Collecting data independently from a variety of reliable sources might be difficult; but this is a quicker option than starting from scratch and developing your own!

Therefore, having a trustworthy image classification API at your disposal is a great way to enhance your company’s project swiftly! However, you have to pay attention when deciding which API is best for your company. Not all of the APIs currently available are cost-effective and trustworthy. Thus, to help you in your decision we’ve gathered information about the top three image classification APIs that are readily available today for media and entertainment companies!


Clapicks is an effective API that has recently become popular due to its effectiveness. This one allows quick image recognition and classification. By employing this API, you’ll be able to categorize any corporate photos, and any other images saved in your company’s system.

Top 3 Image Classification APIs For Media And Entertainment Companies

This API uses AI and cutting edge technology to assess, categorize; and search through enormous databases of unstructured photos while employing tools for structural engineering and human vision that can be accessed through mobile apps. Furthermore, Clapicks is currently the top choice for many businesses since it can accurately; and quickly classify a large number of photos and objects in just seconds.


Microsoft Azure’s Computer Vision API is an AI tool used to analyze the content of images and videos. It can automatically extract text from videos, rapidly analyze footage, and generate picture descriptions. You can use this tool without having much expertise of machine learning.

Top 3 Image Classification APIs For Media And Entertainment Companies

If you want to examine the substance of a video, this tool is helpful. With the Microsoft Computer Vision API, image processing is incredibly simple to set up and carry out. You can quickly process photographs and find the information you need with just a few simple API commands.

Everypixel Image Recognition API

Everypixel Image Recognition is another image classification API; that processes images in a way that is comparable to how a person would; but at a considerably lower cost and without the need for rest periods or rewards. This tool utilizes AI and artificial learning to lower the cost of photo identification; and moderation in your apps and products.

Top 3 Image Classification APIs For Media And Entertainment Companies

Furthermore, Everypixel Image Recognition is a collection of trained classifiers that are accessible via the API.

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