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Top 3 Most Used URL Shortener APIs With Excellent Speed And Performance 

Do you know that you can find an URL shortener in the web? Read this post here and find out these three options of shorten URL API!

In 1994, Tim Berner-Lee created the phrase “Uniform Resource Locator.” He is also credited with creating the World Wide Web. Tim’s vision for the web was to establish a digital platform for data exchanging.

The first URL shortener patent was submitted in September 2000 and granted in 2005. The concept was to have a shortened link connected with a recognized URL, both of which would be stored in a registry database. The registry system retrieves the related URL when a request for the abbreviated link is received.

The apparent advantage of utilizing a URL shortener is link reduction. A short link encourages people to click on things like HR files or orientation materials. It’s especially useful for offline materials like traditional media, where you don’t have the option of adding UTM tags or monitoring clicks.

Any business model must have substance. You’ll require the appropriate URLs to distribute that material. A URL shortener guarantees that you send the proper signals to your target audience while not taking up too much space in your social media postings.

While always link link tags are quite useful, it is wise to note to build short links that do not jeopardize your firm’s image. URL shortening solutions are excellent alternatives to large, heavy URLs; can also conceal unique material in your link.

To make your website memorable and easy to write, you must use an API shortener, that is, computer programs where you can make your company, blog or product link faster to remember. Here, we bring you the best and fastest programs:

URL Shortener API

URL Shortener API is a technical solution for shortening URLs. To utilize it, merely enter the URL you want to reduce and cut through into app. URL Shortener API is a piece of software available through the Zyla Labs Marketplace.

The URL Shortener API is easy to navigate and suitable for users who need to shorten a large number of URLs. Generate URLs that are fully working and will last a long time. As a result, you may keep and utilize them in upcoming work. URL Shortener API offers numerous options, including a gratuit plan that is available to everybody.


Cuttly is a freeware bespoke URL shortener with a variety of settings for shortening higher-quality URLs. URLs that have been changed never expire. We do not show adverts while redirecting to the original URL. Cuttly offers the following services: link shortening, link analytics, branded links and own domains, full monitoring, collaboration, API, and unique link button rate evaluation.

Short URL is a no-cost service for shrinking URLs and connections. Use URL Shortener technology to create an easily remembered abbreviated link. ShortURL allows you to reduce long URLs from Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Linked In, and other popular websites; simply put the long URL into the Shorten URL field and press the Shorten URL button. Copy and paste the truncated URL from the following window into websites, chat, or e-mail. Analyze how many people visited the URL after it was shortened.

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