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Top 3 Programmatic Ad Fraud Detection Softwares

Are you looking for a way to detect programmatic ad fraud? Then try this tools!

Advertisers aren’t the only ones who are concerned about ad fraud. It’s an issue for everyone in the adtech industry. As a publisher, you may be unfamiliar with ad fraud technologies, which is why we’ve put up this list. The list might serve as a starting point for your search for ad fraud detection firms.

It’s not just about the statistics when it comes to ad fraud. Over the last five years, ad fraudsters have evolved into an unstoppable force capable of crushing any technology that stands in the way of their aim of destroying the internet. Take, for example, tag evasion.

Top 3 Programmatic Ad Fraud Detection Softwares

The technology involved, as well as the scale at which trades are conducted, added to the complexity of the situation. But let’s not get into it right now. Ad fraudsters and scammers have taken advantage of the possibility to hide in the bush as the environment gets more complicated.

Advertisers must now filter out non-human impressions and clicks since they have no return on investment. To do so, they work with ad fraud detection companies to weed out publishers who aren’t delivering genuine traffic and clicks. To avoid being weeded out, you should familiarize yourself with ad fraud businesses and do a test with them.

To raise the standard, publishers don’t need to wait for blockchain or an AI solution. For the time being, publishers may work with ad fraud detection tools on the market to keep their ad revenue stable. Advertisers (both programmatic and direct) are ready to pay a premium for high-quality material that generates human traffic and clicks. It doesn’t work the other way around.

To help you with this, we put together three softwares that we think can be perfect for programmatic ad fraud detection. These are:

Top 3 Programmatic Ad Fraud Detection Softwares

1. Klazify

This is a well-known URL categorization API that is popular among both professional and non-professional programmers due to its simple platform. Klazify is an API that connects to a domain or URL, retrieves data, and categorizes it using an IAB V2 Standard classification taxonomy for one-to-one customisation, marketing segmentation, internet filtering, and other applications. As a consequence, the URL or domain may now be classified. If you need to produce an image of a brand logo, this tool can assist. This may be used for a multitude of reasons and can save you a lot of time and money by allowing you to quickly obtain any logo from a URL.

Top 3 Programmatic Ad Fraud Detection Softwares

2. Confiant

Confiant (previously known as ClarityAd Inc) is one of the adtech ecosystem’s fastest-growing ad fraud prevention companies. Confiant, unlike White Ops, is solely focused on the digital advertising market, delivering technologies that benefit both publishers and advertisers.

This tool, interestingly, may be utilized to protect your programmatic and non-programmatic ad selling. Forced ad redirection, in-banner video advertising, cookie stuffing, pop-ups/pop-unders, and more may all be detected and blocked with this solution. It’s also compatible with the header bidding configuration, in case you were wondering.

Top 3 Programmatic Ad Fraud Detection Softwares

3. DoubleVerify’s

For media purchasers, DoubleVerify’s unique technology, branded ‘DV Pinnacle,’ ensures visible, fraud-free, and brand-safe commercials. It promises to be the first unified service and performance platform in the industry.

You may utilize DV Pinnacle to clinch direct agreements with premium brands by demonstrating that inventory are viewable, gain human impressions, and are secure – all at the same time. It also aids in the optimization of CMPs and the strengthening of relationships with the buy-side.

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