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Top 3 Safe And Secure APIs For Doing Identity Verification

Do you want to start using the three safe and secure face comparison APIs for small businesses? Continue reading because we will tell you which APIs are available to you in this article.

Facial recognition technology (FRT) is becoming more established in society, and many people now regard it as a commonplace part of daily life. Facial recognition technology, which was formerly considered a sci-fi fantasy, is now present in a variety of technical applications serving a variety of objectives. Users can use facial recognition to rapidly unlock their smartphone, tag pals in Facebook postings, and blend two faces in photographs.

Every day, social media, electronic devices, and smartphone users generate millions of photographs and movies. This quantity of data, as well as data from CCTV cameras, has improved FRT’s capabilities. FRT identifies people by searching for patterns in their facial features in both still and moving images using machine learning and AI. There are numerous societal benefits to facial recognition technology.

Facial recognition technology will be necessary in marketing, hospitals, banks, and other industries in the near future. The power of biometrics technology has the potential to transform a wide range of sectors. It has the potential to simplify our lives and accelerate all tiresome tasks. As the examples above show, the uses of this technology are essentially unlimited. Things that we could only see in movies are now a reality.

So, if you need to begin using the 3 securece and fa face comparison validator API for small businesses, we have prepared these APIs that are available on the web for you. Look them up right now!

Face Comparison Validator

You can use the Face Comparison API to see if a person looks the same in two photographs. Our artificial intelligence can compare the two images and determine if they truly portray the same individual. The API will only need the Base64 or image URLs; the rest will be handled by our AI.

You can also use its artificial intelligence to compare the two images to check whether they truly depict the same person. Set up a face verification checkpoint at work, for example, or utilize the Face Comparison API to streamline user registration in bank apps.


DeepFace, a facial identification deep learning system, was developed by a Facebook research team. It can recognize faces in digital photographs. It employs a nine-layer neural network with around 120 million connection weights, which was trained using four million photos contributed by Facebook users.

VGG-Face, Google FaceNet, OpenFace, Facebook DeepFace, DeepID, ArcFace, and Dlib are among the cutting-edge face recognition algorithms supported by the DeepFace hybrid framework.


The Animetrics Face Recognition API enables the detection of human faces, the identification of feature points, the accounting for off-angle photographs, and, finally, facial recognition. Images are returned when information about face characteristics such as the chin, lips, ears, nose, and brows is requested.

The gender and orientation of faces along three dimensions will also be determined and reported using the Animetrics Face Recognition API. Another distinguishing feature, “SetPose,” allows the face to be re-rendered in a different position than the one captured.

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