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Top 3 Spelling Checker APIs For Proofreaders

Nowadays, despite being in the era of social media where people use hashtags, abbreviations and slang to communicate, good writing and communication skills are still necessary. While correct spelling is not considered a predictor of intelligence, one can come off as being less intelligent due to errors in spelling. Maintaining a proficient spelling of words can help a person seem more professional in their work environment. Spelling mistakes on a resume may prevent a person from obtaining a position of employment at that facility. They can also alter the meaning of what the person is trying to say in a written format.

The following tips may help you avoid expressing yourself in a misunderstandable manner: by reading a lot you acquire a lot of formal and useful vocabulary, you can practise non-stop until you realize where did you fail as a communicatior, you can try to learn in a funnier way by playing online spelling games to aid in word retention while having fun while learning or you can confidently recall the word’s proper spelling before making every effort to prevent making the same error repeatedly. Now, if you do not have the time to try all this tactics, you can simply try APIs, Applications Programming Interface which will make your life much easier.

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You will be presented with three different APIs so you can choose the one that aligns more with your needs.


A low -cost online grammar checker is Wordtune. It functions as a Chrome plugin as well. It focuses on assisting writers with sentence editing and revision to make sure they are precise and clear. Wordtune may be used pretty much everywhere you write! You name it: Google Docs, Gmail, Slack, Facebook, Twitter, Web Outlook, LinkedIn, Whatsapp Web, among others. This checker generates suggestions by analyzing hundreds of thousands of body texts to find the patterns and principles of the strongest writing in human language. It may occasionally send you a suggestion that slightly alters the meaning of the text or provides words and concepts that are typical of what you write.

Expert Check

Grammar and plagiarism checkers are available at Chegg. Additionally, it helps increase readability by correcting errors with sentence structure and formatting. In contrast to other checkers, it also allows locating missing citations for essays and academic publications. It costs less than other premium grammar checks but there isn’t a no charge version.With Chegg, you will have many benefits including: within the first 48 hours after submitting your paper you will be provided with personalized comments, if you are an advanced student you will receive writing tips in order to learn how to avoid grammatical and plagiarism errors and you cand send up to 30 papers, each no longer than 3000 words per month.

Spell and Grammar Checker API

The provider of this API is Zyla Labs and it has the ability to detect any spelling and grammar errors that can be present in your application. You’ll get a JSON object with all the identified errors, grammatical recommendations, and more. If you’re curious about how it operates, the API gets the text you submit for verification and returns all identified faults and proposed fixes in a single JSON object. The fact that this spelling mistakes api gives context for the misspelled word is its most significant feature.

Start being a good comunicatior and see the benefits that not having spell or grammar mistakes bring.

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