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Top Carbon Calculator APIs In JSON

Are you searching for a carbon API in JSON? Here, we’re gonna make three recommendations. 

But first, we’ll talk about carbon emissions. Global climate change is mostly caused by carbon dioxide emissions. It is commonly acknowledged that to avert the worst effects of climate change, the world must cut emissions as soon as possible.

Carbon dioxide emissions have been steadily increasing over the world. Then, between 2014 and 2016, global CO2 emissions remained largely stable, indicating that emissions were on the decline. However, in 2017, as well as in 2018 and 2019, emissions began to grow again. CO2 emissions increased at a quicker rate in 2018 than at any point since 2010-11.

How drastic must CO2-emissions reductions be to keep global temperatures from rising? According to the United Nations Environment Programme, emissions must decrease by 25% by 2030 to keep global warming below 2 degrees by 2100. To keep the temperature rise to 1.5 degrees, 55 percent reductions must be made before 2030.

Carbon emissions are generated by companies and individuals in houses, transport, and factories. With all this in mind, you can calculate your carbon footprint. This is very important because in this way you can think of projects to offset your CO2 emissions. To calculate this it’s necessary to use an API, but not all of them work in JSON. Here, you got three alternatives.


There is no need to parse or serialize JSON before using it in JavaScript scripts. It’s a textual representation of JavaScript object literals, arrays, and scalar data. JSON is simple to read and write, as well as to parse and produce using software. It’s commonly used for serializing structured data and sending it over the internet, usually between a server and web applications.

Carbon API

CarbonAPI is a technology that calculates your carbon footprint based on your emissions-causing activities. It contains many functions, including frequent and updated carbon monitoring as well as the option to calculate emissions in a range of units (kg, km, tonnes, and so on) based on your requirements. Their API intends to help in the battle against climate change. You may assess your carbon footprint and start your zero-emissions path with CarbonAPI.


They’re on a campaign to accomplish giga-tonne energy storage. Organizations must focus on rapidly decarbonization their processes while adjusting for inevitable emissions. Patch was designed to be the most ethical and productive method of achieving the latter, letting businesses concentrate on decarbonization.

Climate Trade

Its activities have all been independently analyzed, so you can expect to save money on emissions. You may utilize the Climate Trade marketplace to manage your firm’s carbon offsetting efforts at the lowest feasible cost. Its API and Widget are easy to integrate into your platform, and it allows you to carbon-neutralize all of your goods & services. They also provide a carbon footprint estimator tailored to various sectors.

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