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Top Text Classification API Alternatives To MonkeyLearn

Are you looking for text classification API alternatives to MonkeyLearn? We have the best alternatives for you.

It currently uses a new technology called text categorization API, which is the ideal method for gathering data from your users. This technique employs a Natural Language engine that analyzes text in real-time and categorizes the results. You can use it to better understand your audience and apply tactics to increase your connection with people and your advertising campaign’s results.

Top Text Classification API Alternatives To MonkeyLearn

What Is An API?

A software interface that allows two apps to communicate with one another is known as an API, and it is a valuable classification approach. With an email, URL, or domain, the API could analyze and provide categorization from those.

Many companies employ this technology in order to create a customer profile based on their behavior, customize their website in different languages according to their location customers. Besides, it will allow their business stand out from their competitors and provide personalized service.

If you want to obtain data from your URL, email, or domain. You should use these software

1- Klazify

Top Text Classification API Alternatives To MonkeyLearn

Klazify is the most accurate content classification API. Get Website Logos, Company Data, Categorization and much more from a URL or Email. With Klazify, you may acquire real-time information about your location, country, continent, code, apps, market category, logo, and other elements. This will enable you to create a customer or potential customer profile based on their actions.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) and a Machine Learning Engine are used in this software. It examines webpage text and separates it into 385+ possible topic groupings using the IAB V2 standard. You’ll always have access to the most recent social network links because our APIs are real-time. The JSON, Python, and PHP Curl API response formats are simple to use for developers.

2-Google Cloud Natural Language API

Top Text Classification API Alternatives To MonkeyLearn

The Google Cloud Natural Language API is a service that provides access to a number of NLP models that have been trained on big text corpora. Entity analysis, syntax analysis, text classification, and sentiment analysis are all possible using the API. It supports multiple languages, including Chinese, English, French, and Portuguese.


Top Text Classification API Alternatives To MonkeyLearn

uClassify is a free machine learning web application that allows you to develop and utilize text classifiers quickly and effortlessly.

The classifier has no restrictions on what it can categorize; it can be used to classify spam, sentiment, web page categorization, and so on. The number of classifications a classifier can have is unrestricted. Because classifiers are thread-safe (readers/writers lock), fresh training data and classifications can be introduced dynamically. You can obtain data from an URL, such as language, Topic Analysis, Sentiment Analysis, and age.

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