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Category: E-commerce

Businesses will sell through social networks with the new payment platform

New platform for digital payments The commercial activity with which different business ideas count, is made easier and more practical, due to the functionality of social networks and the use of applications that allow easy access to products and services by the consumer. For this reason, the Bancolombia Group presented…

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Public relations consultant says everyone in business should plan to have an e-commerce platform

Los Angeles-based Japanese public relations consultant and bestselling author Marie Kondo is known to millions of audiences since the release of the Netflix series Clean Up with Marie Kondo. Her books have been sold millions of euros and translated into 27 languages. Clearance expert Marie Kondo, according to US media,…

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All the info for DAX investors and entrepreneurs (and the ones who want to be!)

Dax investors cheer on further zero interest rates – Euro dipping off The prospect of new ECB cash injections and still ultra-low interest rates have fueled the stock markets in Europe. Dax and EuroStoxx50 turned after the interest rate decision into plus. The euro fell by 0.3 percent to a…

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Amazon plans to open its largest logistics center in Spain

The e-commerce giant will place its largest distributor center in Spain at the Megapark Dos Hermanas business park in Seville, after having ruled out cities like Córdoba and Málaga. The good communications by road and the close proximity to the port of Seville, where it will locate its logistics station…

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All you need to know about financial information: Why did Lyft share it?

Lyft presents its financial results for the first time The Lyft transport service has submitted the documents for listing on the NASDAQ, according to company documents published on the website of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of the United States. The revelation of the documents UU The company has…

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Switzerland remains the leading location for fintech, blockchain and cryptocurrencies

The fintech sector in Switzerland continues to boom. Two major cities in the country ranked second and third in a global ranking, confirming their results from the previous year. Only a city state performs even better. This emerges from a new study. Thanks to excellent conditions, FinTech Switzerland remains a…

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