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Category: E-commerce

Span now has a tax on digital services effecting various startups and fintechs

Four years have passed since the Canon AEDE. At the time that tax on digital media generated much controversy and ended, among other things, with the closure of Google News in Spain. Today, government spokeswoman Isabel Celaá has announced the approval of the ‘Google tax’, a term that was already…

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What are Sandboxes exactly and what should you know?

In recent times, we are meeting with various legislative initiatives linked to entrepreneurship and the digital ecosystem. Some of them intend to contribute to creating a favorable ecosystem that develops technology-based innovation, such as the recent prior consultation of the preliminary draft Law for the Promotion of the Ecosystem of…

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The fintech world promises plenty of new innovations in 2019

The first conclusion, shared by the executives and managers of the means of payment interviewed, is that even today nothing is written about the success of the new payment solutions. Each country has a context and a culture that are key to determining which innovation will have traction to universalize,…

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As e-commerce grows, cyber attacks will be more relevant: MasterCard

As e-commerce transactions grow, cyber attacks may be more relevant, said Jorge Arbesu, Vice President of Product in the Cyber and Intelligence area of MasterCard. In a meeting with media, he stressed that the biggest vulnerability point for cyber attacks is the lack of financial education of users, as criminals…

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Banks realize that Fintechs are taking over and want to work together

The path of a financial startup to profitability is long and difficult: the development of new applications is time-consuming. In addition, there are expensive marketing measures to reach a critical mass of users. Collaborating with established banks on an open platform can help. The fintech scene is facing a new…

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Fintech Revolution is taking over regular and online banks – here are the NeoBanks

Nobody can deny that money is something vital in our lives: it allows us to travel, create companies, invest, or buy assets, among many other things. And that is why a new way of understanding banking is being developed as we know it today, and as it always was: neobanks…

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