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Category: Fintech

Learn all about the era of QR: payments are viable

Rapid response codes or QR’s lead the transition to a cashless economy. Banks such as Citibanamex, HSBC and e-commerce platforms such as Mercado Libre, Amazon and Alibaba are committed to this technology to be the engine of digital transactions without cash and focused on banking through a smartphone. The predictions…

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The fintech of payments represent a global systemic risk

Recently, the companies that processed payments were the underrated donkeys of the financial system that worked behind the scenes to send money around the world. The rise of digital money and the fintech industry changed that. More than 80% of purchases in countries such as Sweden and South Korea are…

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2019 – the year of FinTechs? We introduce three of the most successful

First N26, then World Savings: two German FinTechs have recently been pleased with mega-financing rounds. For the German FinTech scene, the situation does not look so rosy. According to a study by KPMG, the overall investment in the scene is declining. This is also due to the fact that the…

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Why is it important to keep your fintech up to date? Fintech Conekta raises 13 million dollars to launch a new product

Conekta, the scale-up of payment solutions and, closed at the beginning of March a round of investment for 13 million dollars, in which the fund Variv Capital, Femsa and investors from Silicon Valley with experience in the fintech sector participated. The capital will be destined to the development of a…

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This Viennese startup promises blockchain with no lies

The character string “0bs” in 0bsnetwork stands for “Zero Bullshit”. The Vienna Blockchain startup wants to offer a faster, more financially easier to plan and easier to handle alternative to Ethereum. We talked to founder Srdjan Kupresanin. “Our slogan ‘Zero Bullshit’ in the name is a clear reference to 95…

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