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Category: Startups

Meet the startups that are taking all the attention from investors: Which models succeed?

Linz is the industrial capital of Austria. For some years now, Linz has become one of the strongest startup hotspots in the country. Mayor Klaus Luger is pushing the subject strongly and with the tobacco factory the startup scene has gotten a new home. The tobacco factory is home to…

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The word of an investor: How does he see the startup panorama?

Investor Michael Bornhäusser wonders that in Switzerland you only ever hear about financing rounds in the startup sector, but never about successful exits. There is silence in the forest, he says in this interview. Mr. Bornhäusser, you have already started various club deals. Why only abroad and mainly in the…

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Between Waze and Google Maps: Do you have a clear idea which one is best to show your startup?

Do you live far from your work? Do you waste countless hours of your life avoiding traffic while driving? Without a doubt, your solution could be between Waze and Google Maps. Although these applications will not make you fly to arrive in seconds, at least, they could become your best…

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Why Europe and the US should be afraid of Israel’s startup panorama

“I have hostels in Brazil and Colombia 17 years ago. During those years, many things happened to me with guests who were complicated, who did not want to pay, who stole things, and one can not do anything. That impotence is very angry because guests run to Tripadvisor and Booking,…

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How a platform will help companies to save energy and money

When a company raises its staff immediately one of the problems that arise in their areas of human resources is the management and management of financial resources. In this sense, technology has been advancing in the development of various alternatives that help to make time and costs more efficient for…

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Amazon closing an e-commerce store: When do you get to this point?

Amazon.com Inc. is preparing to close a Chinese online store that serves consumers in mainland China, according to people familiar with the subject. What is still on? Other Amazon operations in China, such as Amazon Web Services, Kindle e-books and cross-border equipment that help send merchandise from Chinese merchants to…

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