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Category: Technology

Startups come together to develop new social platforms

The platform helps companies to increase their reach in social media. Now a group of companies with experience in this business takes over the majority at the start-up. The influencer platform Reachhero, founded in 2014, is majority owned by Blockescence. The parent company behind influencer networks like Mediakraft secures 67.4…

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The new hemp startups help out old lamp businesses

Signify, the world’s largest lighting company, has been selling equipment for the horticultural industry for decades and is expanding its greenhouses business, where plants such as tomatoes, lettuce and roses thrive. Recently, however, the demand for a different breeding has exploded: Hash. A cannabis boom that began several years ago…

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Fintech company developed algorithms which already grant credits

The future of the General Deposit Fund (CGD) is insured in the digital laboratory. Divided into several sections, such as risk analysis, consumer credit, housing loans or business management, nearly 100 people contribute to the digital transformation of the Savings Bank. On the walls, the phrase “done is better than…

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Switzerland remains the leading location for fintech, blockchain and cryptocurrencies

The fintech sector in Switzerland continues to boom. Two major cities in the country ranked second and third in a global ranking, confirming their results from the previous year. Only a city state performs even better. This emerges from a new study. Thanks to excellent conditions, FinTech Switzerland remains a…

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The history of Silicon Valley before all the startups

Once upon a time there was an abandoned lot in Palo Alto, California. Once upon a time there was a university that opted for its students and encouraged them to develop their own technology companies. That’s where Silicon Valley came from, with pioneers like Hewlett-Packard. California, United States. First state…

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