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Category: Technology

Costa Ricans create the very first d-wallet for Central America

A mobile wallet that manages funds in an easy way within an application, is the project developed by Costa Rican company Fintech Viral Media S.A., through technology, entrepreneurship and innovation. The Simply Lisa application, already available in the country, is an option to help non-banking people and also stimulate collaborative…

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Experts have high hopes for Sandbox; it needs to boost investments in financial innovation in Spain

This “Sandbox”, approved its implementation eight days ago in the Council of Ministers is conceived as a controlled and regulated testing space, which will imply guarantees for the operation of the Fintech and greater legal security for the consumer, after its approval as a preliminary draft of Law in the…

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JP Morgan’s cryptographic is unlikely to pose an immediate threat to SWIFT or XRP

Just a few weeks ago, JP Morgan Chase, one of the largest financial institutions in the world, shocked the cryptographic space. For those who missed the memo, the Wall Street pillar revealed plans to launch their own digital asset, based on the private accounting book Ethereum-Esque Quorum. Due to its…

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This is how to become a more successful Fintech company

There are very famous startups that nobody knows exactly what they do and other unknown ones who, in silence, move towards ambitious objectives. Rebellion Pay belongs to the second category. Founded last year and participated mainly by Gala Capital, Rebellion has become the first Spanish ‘fintech’ to obtain a banking…

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Is Germany adopting the Blockchain technology this year?

After the renewed interest that the European Union is showing in the blockchain technology, it seems that Germany is also taking it. Several sources claim that the German government is seeking to introduce a comprehensive blockchain strategy for this year. It seems that, by mid-2019, we could see Germany embracing…

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Wirecard share: Is the share purchase of the FinTech company actually worth it?

Serious allegations against Wirecard AG led to freefall on the stock exchange And the company from Aschheim near Munich even displaced Commerzbank into the MDAX. Nevertheless, DAX entry should not be easy for the financial technology company. Wirecard has been subject to repeated allegations since February 2017. At the time,…

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