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Track Competitor Prices Through This API

Have you become interested in keeping track of your competitor’s prices? Or are you a market analyst? Whichever it is, you are more than welcome here. We want to offer you an API that can help achieve organized and accurate cooperation between products. Codery API is the API you need, so let us explain how it works for you.

Let us assure you of a few things before beginning. To visit the API’s website just click any image or name tag. We linked them to the web scraper API’s page so that you can be redirected there immediately. Moreover, if you are interested in further assistance once you finished reading this post, you will find our contact information at the bottom. Finally, we want to explain a little bit about the program with which this API works.

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Track your completion with Codery API!


If this is the first time you hear about JavaScript, thank us, otherwise, you would have found yourself a little lost.

Without making it complicated, JavaScript is a common programming language. Nowadays is everywhere because of how simple it is to use. That is why Codery API uses it, so there is no compatibility problem or understanding issue.

So it helps you track the competition?

Yes, well, more than that. In the case that we will be discussing today, yes. Market analysts or small business owners get this API as soon as possible. Codery API empowers them so that they can get the competition’s data immediately. Having that information permits them to improve their own product or service. “How?” Well, now that they have the new improvements the other company made, the prices they manage, their slogans and other details, they can work on making their company even better! Sounds crazy? Well, that is how the market works.

And what distinguishes this API from others?

There is no other system that can grant such a service as Codery API does. This technology uses JavaScript to render a website’s information so that you can have it simplified. It removes any add, image or CSS so that you are left just with what you need. This scraping tool grants you a clean and organized programming code that is way easier to analyse and compare than before. Besides, no other API is as simple and affordable.

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Track your completion with Codery API!

To gain access to Codery API, you do not have to do much. It is as simple as visiting the scraping tool’s website -as we indicated at the beginning- and signing up for any of the three plans. There is the “DEMO” plan, which is uncharged and provides 100 monthly API calls. Then there is the “FREELANCER” plan, which for $49.9 USD a month gives you 100,000 API calls to use. Lastly, you can get the “STARTUP” plan. This one will provide you with 1,000,000 API calls for $99.9 USD a month. After signing up, you just have to pass a URL stand the PAI will do the rest!

As you can see, it is both user and budget-friendly. Remember, if you still have questions and need further assistance you can contact us. Our email address is [email protected], although we recommend you use the online chat rooms at Codery API. You can use them any day at any time but between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. (GMT+1), you will get immediate responses.

Codery API‘s page

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