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Tutorial On How To Do Image Classification With An API

If you were looking for an easy-to-use tool to classify all that images that are disorganized in your database, you should read this post to know the best one in the market and see how to use it in seconds!

Predicting the class of a single object in a picture is known as image classification. The process of locating one or more items in an image and tracing a bounding box around their extent is known as object localization. These two tasks are combined in object detection, which locates and categorizes one or more things in an image.

As a result, we’ll use the word “object recognition” generically to refer to both object detection and picture classification, which both involve employing algorithms to identify the different object classes that are present in an image.

As a result, the following three computer vision tasks can be distinguished:

To determine the kind or class of an object in a picture you’d use image classification.

  • Input: An image of a single object, such as a photograph
  • Output: A class label (e.g. one or more integers that are mapped to class labels).

Object localization: Locate the presence of objects in an image and use a bounding box to pinpoint their locations.

  • An image of one or more things, such as a photograph, is the input.
  • One or more boundary boxes as the output (e.g. defined by a point, width, and height).

Object detection: Find the existence of things in an image using a bounding box and determine the categories or classes of the objects you find.

  • An image of one or more things, such as a photograph, is the input.
  • Output: A class label and one or more bounding boxes, each of which is described by a point, width, and height.

So in order to get all this tasks done, you can start with this realiable option created by Zyla Labs: Clapicks, a categorization API that will surprise you with is fast interface and you’ll be able to organize all your photos without having to hurt your budget: it has very affordable prices! Anyways, the best thing is that you can start trying it without paying anything to test it for your needs!


Clapicks was developed with the goal of assisting businesses in classifying and organizing any images they could have stored in their databases. You can use this API to browse through enormous collections of unstructured images and automatically sort, analyze, and search them. As an online service, a set of tools for photo interpretation and analysis is accessible.

Clapicks is perfect for enterprises that need to categorize unstructured data from huge image databases by content. You can use this API to get the details you need to recognize images that are related to sports, landscapes, people, or animals.

Easy tutorial to classify an image

1-Create an account at

2-After obtaining your API Key, you may simply enter the URL of the image you like to categorize.

3-Click on “Run”

4-Your photos and objects will be classified.

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