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Use An API To Obtain An Inspection Report For Classic And Modern Cars

Do you work with both classic and modern cars? This car API will help provide you with inspection reports in the blink of an eye. 

Do You Know The Difference Between Classic & Modern Cars?

For a car to be considered classic it must be older than 30 years, have its original engine, and include more than an 80percent of the total of its original parts. If any parts have to be replaced, they must be swapped out for original components that are appropriate to the vehicle’s model and year.

On another hand, modern cars are the ones today. Evidently, modern vehicles come with several comfort additions that were not feasible in earlier times. For example,  more comfortable seats, durable and pleasant-to-touch flooring, in-room climate control, and more. 

This is a brief comparison between classic and modern cars. But no matter the type of car, they both can receive damages and accidents. Therefore car workshops must be able to inspect them. With a car API, it is possible not only to create inspection reports but to create them in an automated way. This is thanks to the technology of the API like Artificial Intelligence. 


What Is An API & Artificial Intelligence?

An API is a collection of mechanisms, processes, techniques, or methodologies that enable one system to connect to another system, whether to send or receive data. You can find APIs for all sorts of activities and fields. In our case, an API that uses Artificial Intelligence to detect car damage. That leads us to the second question. 

Artificial intelligence is the ability of a technological system to carry out tasks and activities that are unique to the human mind and capacity. If we focus on the field of information technology, we may define AI as the discipline concerned with creating machines (hardware and software) capable of “acting” in an independent manner. 

Now imagine you could implement these two powerful technologies into your business. Well, it is possible thanks to a car API. 

What Is A Car API?

A Car API is an application programming interface businesses related to the inspection of cars should integrate. This is because the API set of programs is powered with AI which permits it to analyze vehicle images and detect all kinds of damages. Evidently, the tool does not discriminate against modern or classic carts. 

Vehicle Damage Detector API

With this information about car API and its functions, you should go for the Vehicle Damage Detector API. This application programming interface will find in seconds the damage situated in the vehicle. 

As a result, you will get inspection reports without having to even touch the car. Not only will you help save time for the car owner but also in your own businesses. Another amazing feature of the API is its ability to classify damages. Yes, the AI tech surrounding the API understands how to grade damages depending on their severity. 

Want To It? 

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