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Use An API To Obtain Platinum Prices In Bangladeshi Taka

Are you looking for platinum prices? Would you like to receive them in the local currency of Bangladesh and not in other currencies unknown to you?

Platinum is a chemical element with atomic number 78 located in group 10 of the periodic table of elements. Its symbol is “Pt”. It is a precious, heavy, malleable and ductile greyish-white transition metal. It is corrosion resistant, does not dissolve in most acids (but does dissolve in aqua regia), and is found in various minerals, often together with nickel and copper.

Currently platinum is mainly used as a catalyst in car exhausts (40% of world production is used for this). It also has an important application in the jewelry industry (highly valued metal), in the medicine industry, in investments, military uses and in chemical products. It can be said that almost 50% of the metallic materials we use today are made with some platinum.

For a country as densely populated as Bangladesh, being stocked with platinum is very important. Its population is growing at a fast pace and therefore, the production of cars multiplies, medical supplies increase, chemical products are used more and more and therefore, the use of platinum grows every day. For a person from that country, being up to date with prices in their currency is very important. That is why Metals-API came to the world to offer a solution to this problem.

Use An API To Obtain Platinum Prices In Bangladeshi Taka

Use Metals-API!

Metals-API is a good option if you need volatility data. It is the newest API for this purpose, which in a short time managed to become number 1 in its respective market. In addition, it supports a variety of metals (gold, silver, and of course, platinum) and 170 currencies from around the world, including Bangladesh. Thanks to the data provided by the most important financial institutions in the world every minute, Metals-API is synonymous with reliability. It even allows you to track price changes since 2019.

To get started, you should follow these steps:

1-Go to “” and there you will get an API key. You must first register and choose an available plan.
2- Search the list of symbols for platinum (metal) and the currency you want (Bangladeshi taka in your case).
3- Once you have added the metal and currency to the list of symbols, make the API call.
4- Enjoy the service.

As a programming language, you have the option of using JSON or PHP.

Use An API To Obtain Platinum Prices In Bangladeshi Taka

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