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Use An API To Obtain Silver Prices In Canadian Dollar

Silver is a chemical element with a silvery appearance with the atomic number 47. Its symbol is Ag and it belongs to the group of transition metals and its usual state in nature is solid. It is a metal with a shiny, soft, ductile, malleable appearance and is recognized as the best metallic conductor of heat and electricity.

In general, we all know the use of silver in jewelry and decoration and for coins. Its resistance to corrosive agents makes it ideal for the manufacture of some special containers or as a coating for other metals. But also, it is used to manufacture electronic and electrical components, alloys, catalyst, photographs, mirrors, cold weapons and even in medicine (silver is toxic but it is used on the skin to remove warts).

In the last 10 years, silver suffered from constant ups and downs. In fact, in general, there were more negative years than positive ones. For those Canadian industries or investors, this instability is very bad, as it makes it very difficult to know when to buy. Fortunately for them, there is a tool with which we can be up to date with silver prices at all times.

Use An API To Obtain Silver Prices In Canadian Dollar

Its name is Metals-API and it is well known in the market, since it ranks first in its field.

Use Metals-API!

To understand why it is the best API in this sector, we must see its numbers. More than 200,000 satisfied customers, 25 million requests per day, 19 years of historical data and 16 top-notch sources of information. In fact, you probably know the London Metal Exchange, the world center for industrial metals trading. The LME is one of the sources.

Another interesting feature is that it has an instant currency convertibility system. In this way, you will be able to see the prices in more than 170 currencies from all over the world, such as the Canadian dollar. Thanks to all of the above, Metals-API is the best alternative to know when to buy silver and when not.

One last detail, keep in mind that before you can use this service, you must choose a plan. Except for one, the rest are payments. We recommend that you read each of them carefully to find out which one best suits your needs.

Use An API To Obtain Silver Prices In Canadian Dollar

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