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Use An API To Obtain The Necessary Data To Improve Your SEO

Businesses will gain a huge competitive advantage by being able to analyze and create value from this data; quickly and with previously unheard-of flexibility. This will raise consumer awareness of the brand and its goods; and its customers, presenting the hitherto unimaginable potential for development and expansion. Determining business opportunities, optimizing cross-selling, having a complete view of the customer, identifying business opportunities, obtaining focused results in the client, managing liquidity risk, or improving their information ecosystems are all made possible by the massive and analytical treatment of the company’s data. Continue reading Use An API To Obtain The Necessary Data To Improve Your SEO!

Use An API To Obtain The Necessary Data To Improve Your SEO

Some SEO Myths

The long tail position better

First of all, it should be clarified that long tail keywords are not search terms with many words, but queries that generate low volumes of very specific searches. Although it may seem that specifying is valuable it is not entirely the case: these types of searches are not easier to position than the most popular keywords.

Why? Because Google returns the same set of results for long tail keywords as it does for the main keyword. If you do a comparison, you can see how a popular keyword is going to have the same score as the long tail. Instead, the volume of traffic is going to be abysmal in favor of the former, since the latter is useful to search in a different way.

Social media is key

It is perhaps one of the most controversial points. If there is a lot of interaction with content on your website on social networks, it should probably improve its positioning. Nope? Well, no… officially. Google ensures that social networks do not influence the positioning of its search engine.

What you probably want to avoid is the ease of manipulating the results that can be obtained on social networks. Although, on the other hand, it is the whiting that bites its tail: more shares allow more exposure, which can lead to more backlinks. And vice versa, pages well positioned in Google have more traffic. This makes it safer for your content to be shared on a social network.

SEO And Data

We can say that knowledge in Data Science and Engineering opens up a field of possibilities to obtain new benefits in various areas ranging from science and medicine to business or sports, including finance and marketing. Those who know how to take advantage of this potential will be able to outperform their competitors. And this is just the starting signal for the next revolution that will come with Artificial Intelligence.

Check Site Traffic API To Obtain The Necessary Data To Improve Your SEO

Site Traffic API offers a JSON API to get estimated website traffic statistics. It includes website worth/value and monthly page views, in addition to unique visitors, site revenue (from advertising), and more. Equally important, you can integrate this API into your services to provide traffic statistics to your clients. As well, you can use it to quickly estimate the amount of traffic to any website.

Use An API To Obtain The Necessary Data To Improve Your SEO

This is a very powerful algorithm that can estimate the amount of traffic to any website. It took years to fine-tune it to be as accurate as possible and we constantly improve it. Powered by SimilarWeb, this website analytics tool can help businesses to estimate the website traffic volume of competitors; while media/advertising agencies and SEO agencies can use it to check the traffic of any website.

Simple Pricing

Site Traffic API offers a “Pay-as-You-Go” plan that allows you to buy only API queries you need, there are no recurring or hidden fees and purchased queries do not expire. When you submit a website, i.e, to our API endpoint, it is considered one API query. So if you need to scan 1000 websites, you need 1000 API queries. The more API queries you buy the less you pay them.

Want to learn more about Site Traffic API?

For additional information on how to take advantage of the Site Traffic API, go to the FAQ on Site Traffic or check Use This Site Traffic API To Measure The Performance Of Your Site

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