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Use This API Metrics Tool For Traffic Analysis

Do you need to obtain valuable and real-time metrics regarding your website but do not know what platform or software can help you? Read this post to the end, since we are going to tell you how an API can do much more for you than you think!

A metrics monitoring tool for websites can be a very interesting tool to know how your presence is on the internet, but also to know the positioning of other websites with which yours shares a target audience.

You should include follow-up actions to your competitors when creating a marketing campaign. It is a mistake not to do so. Moreover, whether the results obtained are satisfactory. Why not learn something that is successful? And, with objective data, how can you know what your competitors are up to? Easy! Examine the traffic to your website.

For example, what is the percentage of visitors to the website that clicks on external links? Has it arrived via social media? Is this an internet advertisement? Is it being driven by a search criterion? All of this is relevant to you as an entrepreneur. It’s much easier than you would think if you use a Site Traffic API.

How Does A Site Traffic API Work?

An API is an excellent tool for measuring online traffic. All of the information is presented to you in a comprehensive report that includes data such as the average duration of each visit and the bounce rate that the website receives.

Furthermore, it provides a graph with an estimate of the number of visits derived from each different source (direct, social, organic, referral, and others). This information will be very useful to you.

For example, if we want to know the estimated traffic of a website, simply entering its domain name into the search box will allow us to know its statistics immediately and even compare it to competitors without any further steps or coding.

You may do a competitor analysis right now. After you’ve done this, you may draw conclusions and consider what new channels you need to add to your marketing strategy. , What keywords will you include? , By using this tool, you may permanently alter the game of your business.

Without further ado, we believe you will see that increasing your online traffic is much easier than you think if you use the right tool, and we recommend this Site Traffic API since we know it will be of great assistance to you!

Become A Master Of Online Metrics With An API!

You can use Site Traffic API to find out where the site’s traffic is coming from. It means you can see where the visitors are located (by nation), how many monthly visits they receive, and the traffic sources (direct, social media, emails, etc). You can use Site Traffic API, for example, to assess the performance of your own page; observe user behavior, and make decisions based on the data received.

Using Site Traffic API you only need to pass the URL or domain to be consulted. You’ll also get traffic broken down by nation, monthly visits, and engagement metrics like average visit time, bounce rate, pages per visit, and traffic sources. Also, will tell you if the majority of your traffic comes from web searches or from paid advertising. It is so simple to use; just try it!

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