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Use This API To Check If An Incoming Call Is Spam

Scammers can call from anywhere in the world using the internet. The National Do Not Call Registry doesn’t matter to them.

Your best line of protection against obtrusive calls is call labeling and call blocking.

Whether you use a cell phone, a home VoIP phone, a classic landline, or another sort of phone, the call-blocking or call-labeling technology you use will depend on the phone.

That’s why tools like Check Spam Callers API are so important.

What Do Call Labeling and Call Blocking Mean?

When we discuss call blocking, we are referring to tools or systems that can ban many telemarketers and unlawful robocalls from calling you. There are call-blocking features available for landlines, VoIP-enabled home phones, and mobile phones. Just be aware that certain valid calls may be blocked by call-blocking services.

A few businesses also provide call labeling. On your phone’s screen, call-labeling services display classifications like “spam” or “scam likely” for incoming calls. You can then choose whether or not to answer the call.


It’s a robocall if you pick up the phone and hear a recorded message rather than a live person. The likelihood is that the calls are unlawful if you frequently receive robocalls attempting to sell you something. 

Many are probably frauds as well. What you should know about robocalls and what you can do to stop them are provided below.

Blocking spam, telemarketers, and automated calls

Avoiding contact with these numbers is the recommended course of action, regardless of whether the call is spam or a hoax. It can be tempting to answer the phone and tell these callers what you think. 

However, if you happen to answer a call that seems shady, hang up right away. An unwelcome call could, at best, be inconvenient and, at worst, could cost you, your clients, or their hard-earned cash.

Never divulge private or business information over the phone to someone who calls you without prior notice.

If a caller claims to be from your bank, an insurance company, or the IRS, hang up right once and call the organization yourself at a number that is available to the public to verify the call’s legitimacy.

The enormous volume of spam and scam calls that are made each year as a business can affect your call center’s answer rates. Your company can use Check Spam Callers API to display branded caller ID so that customers can tell when you are calling rather than a scammer.

What about the API’s pricing?

After reading this, you would conclude that the Check Spam Callers API is quite pricey, do not you?

Well, our Check Spam Callers API has four very varied plans to suit any of your (or your company) needs.

The first is the non-cost plan and offers 100 Requests per Month.

The following plan is the Basic that has 1,000 Requests per Month

Next comes the Pro plan with 10,000 Requests per Month

And finally the Pro Plus that has 100,000 Requests per Month

But as if these four incredible plans were not enough, we also have a new custom plan so that you can adapt it to the needs that vary during the course of your business.

We know that needs are changing and are always added or subtracted, that’s why we work hard to be able to offer this new option to those who need it most.

We hope we have convinced you to try our  Check Spam Callers API.

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