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Use This API To Filter Out Spam Before It Reaches Your Customers

Outbound spam filter is a solution for preventing the spread of spam from going out of your IP address. This will definitely protect your reputation and avoid block- and blacklisting your emails. Spam exiting your network is an issue of top concern, as you need your emails –whether individual or massive- to reach recipients, landing in their inbox. Every text must be checked to stop illegitimate emailing. There is a universal mission to stop incoming spam from damaging senders, but the filters start from the sender`s IP to add further efficiency.

The IP is your identification, your social security number. It is the code to identify the source of each message. In the case of spammers that use fake email addresses, the IP is the unmistakable information. The outbound spam filter will detect spam and prevent spam from spreading. It is not only about analyzing and blocking spam. Outbound spam filters identify the sender of each message, record the reputation of the sender, are accurate in their process in avoiding mistakes that will hurt your users mainly.

The potential of spam protection is huge, but spam grows exponentially in amount and quality. Spam Detection API is a useful tool for both incoming and outgoing mailing. It is integrated with AI, ML and NLP that generate algorithms with constantly updated models against which texts are checked. It works complementing with a suite of APIs with the same specific aim (Anti-Spam Filter API, Prevent Spam API, Spam Detector API, etc.). The trained models will classify emails as “spam” or “not spam” or ham. This function is automated, and is performed manually only in those cases in which the platform requests it to ensure security.

The API spots a dubious message with spam content, categorizes it, deletes de outbound text, and saves a copy in Backup. This stored message is considered internal, and triggers analysis of the organization system to see if it is infected. The spam detection tool scans all outgoing emails except those destined to users within the same system or addressing whitelisted recipients. The software defines the status of the message on the basis of content and header, which have determined the class of spam or phishing.

In the case of massive telemarketing messages, the API will give you certainty that your message will be seen, opened and read by the recipient, in his inbox. No one who is doing business would like to let spam leaking his operating system, but there can be accidental leakage. Consider that nearly half of all emails in the world are spam. The drawback is the high number of relevant information which is lost because it was inserted in spam messages.

Apart from protecting your customers from scam, you are also protecting your reputation with this API. By blocking outbound spam content you avoid being flagged, you upkeep your ranking and in this way your customers spam filters will not block your messages. It is important for a telemarketer or a brand owner to know how spam filters work: if you understand the foundations of the spam filtering process you can move forward in avoiding spam filtering and keeping your messages in the inbox, where they should always land. This is email deliverability, a safe consequence of outbound spam filtering that will return business growth.

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