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Use This API To Get Premier League Players Stats

If you are a developer looking for the most recent players’ stats of the Premier League, you need to read this article!

What Is The Premier League API?

The Premier League API is a service offered by Zyla Labs that provides access to data related to the English Premier League. The Premier League is one of the most popular football leagues in the world, and the API offers a wealth of information that can be used by developers to build applications, websites, and other digital services related to football.

This API allows you to get Premier League players’ stats easily and quickly. With this API, you can get information about players such as their name, team, position, nationality, birth date, club, league, and rating. This data can be accessed using HTTP requests and responses sent between the developer’s application and the API’s servers.

<a href="">Use This API To Get Premier League Players Stats</a>


The Premier League API provided by Zyla Labs has several endpoints, each of which provides a different set of data. Let’s take a closer look at some of these endpoints:


Most Common Uses Cases

Developers can use the Premier League API in a number of ways. For example, they can use it to build mobile apps that provide live scores and updates on Premier League matches. They can also use it to create websites that provide detailed statistics on players and teams, as well as analysis of matches and seasons.

One of the key benefits of using the Premier League API is that it provides real-time data. This means that developers can get access to the latest scores, results, and statistics as soon as they are available. This is particularly important for applications that rely on up-to-date information, such as live score trackers.

Another benefit of using the Premier League API is that it is very flexible. Developers can choose which data they want to access, and they can customize their requests to suit their needs. For example, they can request data for specific teams, specific players, or specific matches. Also, the API is available in a number of different programming languages, including Python, Java, and Ruby, which makes it accessible to a wide range of developers.

<a href="">Use This API To Get Premier League Players Stats</a>

How To Use The Premier League API?

If you want to get the most recent Premier League Players’ Stats, you have to do the following:

  1. Go to the Zyla API Hub. It is an API marketplace. Look for the Premier League API and subscribe to it (this API offers a 7-day trial).
  2. Then, you will get your personal API key to be able to use the tool.
  3. Choose the endpoint you want to use. In this case, the PLAYER STATS BY SEASON endpoint.
  4. Once you meet your needed endpoint, make the API call by pressing the button “run” and see the results on your screen.

To continue, here is an API’s response example on how to get Premier League Players’ Stats:


curl --location --request GET '' --header 'Authorization: Bearer YOUR_ACCESS_KEY'

API response:

"full_name": "Tammy Abraham",
"profile_link": "",
"club": [],
"position": "Forward",
"stats": {
"appearances": "89",
"goals": "26",
"wins": "36",
"losses": "33",
"Attack": {
"Goals": "26",
"Goals per match": "0.29",
"Headed goals": "3",
"Goals with right foot": "20",
"Goals with left foot": "1",
"Penalties scored": "0",
"Freekicks scored": "0",
"Shots": "164",
"Shots on target": "68",
"Shooting accuracy %": "41%",
"Hit woodwork": "3",
"Big chances missed": "30"
"Team Play": {
"Assists": "5",
"Passes": "922",
"Passes per match": "10.36",
"Big Chances Created": "7",
"Crosses": "32"
"Discipline": {
"Yellow cards": "2",
"Red cards": "0",
"Fouls": "56",
"Offsides": "39"
"Defence": {
"Tackles": "25",
"Blocked shots": "31",
"Interceptions": "12",
"Clearances": "55",
"Headed Clearance": "45"
"status": true

So, if you want to employ this API, there is excellent news for you! You can try out the Premier League API with a seven-day trial. But, you can also take a look at the different plans available, if you wish to get more API calls. Another great highlight to mention is the great email customer service that this API Hub provides. So, if you have any problem with some operations, you can contact the support centre at [email protected].

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