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Use This API To Get Real-Time Rates For Your Stock Screener

It’s not easy to pick solid commodities. In fact, differentiating valuable data from useless data is difficult. 

A stock screener, fortunately, can assist you in focusing on the stocks that satisfy your criteria and fit your approach. Besides, this kind of software is ideal for commodities investments. 

Stock screeners are commonly used by day traders to assist them to determine which stocks deserve their attention. These same tools can assist you in making more informed selections regarding which stocks to invest in.

A material or product that can be purchased, sold, or traded is known as a commodity.

Without a doubt, these elements or products are raw materials for the goods and services we utilize on a regular basis.

Agricultural, energy, metals, and soft materials are some of the subcategories of these materials. Items like sugar and coffee, which cannot be stored for long periods of time, fall into this category.

Stocks and assets

Markets, like the rest of the world, are always evolving. Investors and people in specific businesses, for example, require up-to-date rates.

Certainly, the pricing of the things we consume on a daily basis is based on raw material costs. On the other hand, such rates fluctuate due to stock and demand fluctuations.

Because commodities are “real assets,” they react to changing economic fundamentals differently than “financial assets.”

Finally, if you want to make your own stock screener, you should employ the most up-to-date software.


This web API provides precise rate data for a wide range of commodities in a variety of currencies.

Commodities-API originated as a modest, minimalist Open-Source API for financial institutions’ recent and historical commodity prices.


The Commodities-API encrypts your connection with bank-grade 256-bit SSL security.

Commodities-API is used by thousands of developers, small businesses, and huge corporations on a daily basis. Because of its dependable data sources and 6+ years of expertise, this API is the most popular site for commodity rates.

Why is it the most effective?

With a precision of two decimal points and a frequency of up to every 60 seconds, the API can provide real-time commodity data.

Commodities-API is designed on a solid back-end architecture that guarantees high availability and response times for specified API calls of less than 50 milliseconds. Only a handful of the tasks include delivering commodity exchange rates, converting single currencies, and returning Time-Series and Fluctuation data.

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