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Use This API To Look Up The Full VIN Across All States In The US

Are you struggling to find information about a vehicle that broke a speed limit? Do you need to negotiate the price to buy a motorcycle? Did you know you can get access to every US vehicle record with a simple code? It’s very simple through an online server, but did you know what an API is? The answer to all of these questions, in this article:

all states in the us

A Challenge For Companies Across The World

Vehicle records can be a problem whether you work for a car dealership, a law enforcement institution, or any security force. You may need to investigate a lot of details for trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, vans, electric or traditional cars.

For example, for the challenge of determining a car’s market value, there is a tool that can help you and your company. Zyla Labs created a program that offers more details about every car sold in the US. You will only need the vehicle’s license plate as input information. You will then receive details about the model, the producer, the year, and more. 

Of course, that is not the only application for this tool. You can also retrieve the history of cars to introduce in buildings or companies security systems. In that way, you can prove its legitimacy, since it is a reliable source of information. Another idea for the usage of this tool is when you need to find suitable components and service for a car. To understand the tool, here’s some key context data. 

The Code That Collects The Vehicle Record

Since the last century, some governments decided to create an extra code to gather every vehicle record. The license plate wasn’t enough, since it’s mostly used to link the property to the owner. Instead, with the Vehicle Identification Number contains specific vehicle information such as the year, region, and manufacturer; make and model; and serial number. 

With this code, law enforcement agencies use VIN checks to identify stolen vehicles, to retrieve their recalls, registrations, warranty claims, thefts, and insurance coverage. However, not all the VIN codes are accessible to the public, so you would have to go to a public agency to request them.

Luckily, as we said above, you can get access to it through a tool called API. An API (Application Programming Interface) that recently gained a lot of popularity is Get VIN from License Plate API. It’s a system designed to address a variety of issues for both businesses and individuals. These tools are familiar to developers, but they are also incredibly simple to learn, quick, effective, and completely dependable. All 50 US states’ license plates can be researched using this VIN API. 

Brief Guide

You just have to enroll in the Zyla Labs website, where each developer receives an access key for the API endpoint. Each client gets a unique code, and then authenticates the Get VIN from License Plate API in the header. 

Get VIN from License Plate API - US Only

When registered, the user can insert the number plate and required fields to make a request.

The server will provide a response with details such as the motor, supplier, type, etcetera. Furthermore, the API can work with other softwares to increase the accuracy of the vehicle records. 

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