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Use This API To Obtain Foreign Exchange Rates In Real Time

Looking to get Foreign Exchange Rates in real time? Well, the best way to obtain this data is by using an API or rather, a foreign exchange rates API. In addition, we know the best system of all that will allow you to obtain these rates easily! Just read this post to discover it!

A currency in the economic field is all that foreign currency in reference to the unit of a country. This currency is characteristic of monetary sovereignty different from that of the country where it is established. The value or price of the currency is decided by the commercial and financial flows that the residents of said area carry out with respect to that currency in question to those of the others. The currencies that circulate the most worldwide are the dollar, the euro, the yen, the Swiss franc, the pound sterling, and the Brazilian real.

Although the dollar is the most famous currency, it is not the most valuable of all. The exchange market or Forex, for its acronym in English (Foreign Exchange), is a worldwide market where currencies are bought and sold. It originated in order to simplify the monetary changes of the foreign economy; this market has become the market with the most money flow in recent years. Different entities such as financial institutions, commercial companies, central banks, individual investors and investment fund companies participate in this market.

However, this type of business is not an easy task. Many times, it is not easy to find Foreign Exchange Rates. Even some platforms are not very reliable. Therefore, we want to prevent you from using bad services. It is best to use Get Exchangr, the best system to get the latest currency quotes. You will discover all the details below…

Use Get Exchangr to obtain foreign exchange rates in real-time!

Get Exchangr is an API. What this product does is collect information from reliable sources. Receiving accurate conversions is very important to avoid losing money. Therefore, this API collects information from the most reliable sources such as prestigious banks or financial institutions. All these sources will provide information about 172 currencies! That is, you will be able to find out information about the currencies of almost all the countries in the world! Not only currencies like the US dollar, euro, and Chinese Yuan, but also currencies from countries like Brazil, Mexico, India, Bangladesh, and Nigeria, among others.

In addition, the data will be obtained quickly! Forget having to wait several minutes or even hours for quotes. Using Get Exchangr you will be able to obtain all this data almost instantly. In fact, this API is so fast, that you will be able to get updates every 60 seconds! In any case, you must bear in mind that you must choose the PRO plan to be able to take advantage of the maximum capabilities of this API. If you choose the Growth plan, you will receive updates every 10 minutes.

Within the web page, you will find a button called “Documentation”. Press that button to enter the Get Exchangr guide. There you will find the characteristics of each endpoint, programming language, API structure, methods, potential errors and code examples. It is important to read all this to fully understand this system. Any questions, just send an email to [email protected]

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