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Use This API To Send OTP And Notifications To Your Users By Email

Do you want to find a good tool to send OTP and notifications to users by email? You need to try this API!

Email, as we know it, has pretty much been the only continuous business and communication tool in all of our lives since the commercialization of the internet in the mid-’90s. The introduction of Wi-Fi and faster internet have added value that email users everywhere have embraced.

You’ll probably need to incorporate email capabilities at some point while creating a digital product. Perhaps you want to automate onboarding or newsletter distribution, set up a password reset email flow, use email as the login method for your app, send receipts or other transactional emails. You might also be trying to figure out how to allow users of your app to send emails.

Whatever your email use case, there is one issue: Delivering emails is more difficult than you may imagine. It takes time, expertise, and effort to set up and maintain an email infrastructure that consistently and quickly processes emails. Most developers choose to employ a specialized email delivery provider instead since they can’t (or don’t want to) manage it themselves. With the help of email APIs, connecting to these delivery systems is now simple, allowing you to incorporate email functionality into your app or product with ease.

Descubre el poder de nuestra API - Sendinblue

What is an emailer API?

An email API (short for email Application Programmable Interface) is an interface that allows developers to connect an application or service to an email service provider and use the provider’s functionality (including sending email, creating lists, or pulling email stats) without having to build it themselves.

Advantages to using e-mail

Email can improve productivity, efficiency, and company preparedness. Business email usage is:

Cheap: No matter the distance or the number of recipients, sending an email costs the same.

Fast: A recipient of an email should receive it immediately, or at most a few hours later.

Convenient: You can send the same message to many people at once, and it will be saved until the recipient is ready to read it.

Permanent: You can maintain a history of your communications, including when messages were sent and received.

Why do we recommend emailer API?

With this API, forget about tasks that consume your time when emailing is about. With no need to connect SMTP, validate your domain and more, you will be able to start using this API. 

What this API receives and what your API provides (input/output)?

To easy to use. This API will receive the email address to where the emails will be sent, a title and the message. Just that, and you will be sending your emails right away. 

What are the most common uses cases of this API?

Receive notifications of user behavior

You can set a notification system where you will be receiving different notifications depending on the user’s behavior. Be ready to detect if the user is signed up, if they asked for a refund, and if they need to purchase any of your products. 

Send OTP (one-time-password) via email

Be able to verify the login of your users by sending them an OTP to their emails. And start making the login page more secure. 

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