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What Is The Confidence Score Of A Domain And How To Know It With An API

Would you like to learn more about confidence score of a domain? In this article we will explain you more about it and how you can know it by using the following API!

Ever had your credit score questioned? Most likely, you are unaware of it off-hand, and it won’t significantly impact your regular interactions and transactions. Although conceptually identical, a domain’s reputation, or “credit score,” can undoubtedly influence you or your company’s day-to-day operations. And even though they may seem useless, they are not. Here is a quick explanation of how.

So, what does “domain reputation” actually mean? Each domain name has a risk score assigned to it, just like your own credit score. Naturally, the further away you should stay from the domain, the greater the danger score. The reputation of a domain can be determined as a means of achieving this. That is why it is really important to use domain reputation APIs in order to get better and higher scores.

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Basically, the “credit score” of a name is calculated by connecting it to other well-known problematic domains via the registrant email, connected IP addresses, and connected DNS entries. Adittionally, the domain in question is deemed to dwell in a problematic “neighborhood” if any of these host a concentration of flagged domains, raising the percentage of possible risk. But by using domain reputation APIs you do not need to worry.

So, if you need to use a confidence score of a domain reputation, we highly suggest using Domain Reputation and Children Safety API. With this API you will be able to protect yourself from unsafe domains and to get the confidence score from the API. Furthermore, it is really handy, and everyone can be benefited from this tool.

To get the confidence score from Domain Reputation and Children Safety API, all you need to do is to follow these easy-to-follow steps:

-Click here to view the marketplace page for the Domain Reputation and Children Safety API.

-You can sign up for a trial or any of its plans.

– Indicate the domain or URL where you want your reputation and confidence scores to be verified.

-Make sure you prove that you are not a robot in the reCAPTCHA box.

-Finally, the result will become apparent, and that’s it!

Regarding Domain Reputation and Children Safety API

By using this API, users may determine whether a website is secure or not. By using this API, users can also avoid frauds and harmful websites. Use a simple query to determine if the domain is suitable for kids. The domain you will search for is the only thing this API needs to function.

This API has excellent domain reputation and confidence filtering features. It is also ideal for companies who want to retrieve domain scores. There are no limits other than monthly API call quotas. Last but not least, it can be used to block unsafe domains broadly, such in a school, preventing children from accessing harmful or unsuitable websites.

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