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What Is The Value Of Your Currency? Use This Currency Converter To Find Out

Do you want to be up-to-date with the value of your currency? If so, you need to use this Currency Converter API!

Most people don’t realize the value of their currency from one day to the next. Sometimes, it’s just not worth more than a few dollars; but other times, it can be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars!

The value of your currency changes all the time and is often unpredictable; so it’s important to have a currency converter API that you can use to find out the current value of your currency. In recent years, there has been tremendous growth in the volume of currency exchanges going on around the world, which means that having an API for converting between currencies is hugely in demand. Here we will show you one of the best to help you keep track on your currency’s value.

What Is The Value Of Your Currency? Use This Currency Converter To Find Out

Know the value of your currency with Exchangr API

Exchangr is a currency converter and foreign exchange rates API that uses JSON data. This tool provides currency conversions as well as other currency information. It’s a reliable API since it gathers currency data from more than ten trustworthy providers, including banks, brokers and financial institutions. That is how, Exchangr API provides data for up to 172 global currencies, and 30.000 currency pairs. Depending on which plan you decide to use, currency information will be updated at frequent intervals ranging from 60 minutes to 60 seconds.

Some APIs are currency converters that allow you to simply convert one currency into another, while others are specifically designed to work with your website or app. However, with Exchangr API you can do both and more. Because, you can use its currency converter API to show your visitors which currencies they can buy with their credit card, or to show them how much each product is worth in dollars (or your currency) when they’re visiting your site!

What Is The Value Of Your Currency? Use This Currency Converter To Find Out

Here is how to use Exchangr API:

If you want to give Exchangr API a try, we recommend you use Exchangr’s Small Version. This is a free and comprehensive plan that allows you to obtain rates, conversion, timeseries, fluctuations, and historical data. You will get 100 API requests and they can be used like this:

  1. Sign up here to obtain your very own API key. This unique combination of numbers and letters will allow you access to these API endpoints.
  2. To acquire rates or conversions, select the currencies you are most interested in.
  3. Execute the API request following Exchangr’s Documentation here.

That is all! You will have to wait a few seconds to receive your results!

Isn’t it a piece of cake? Furthermore, if you need more than 100 API request per month, you can subscribe to Exchangr’s Growth Version. For a budget-friendly price of USD 14,99; you will receive 10.000 API requests per month, Premium Support, updates every 10 minutes, and much more! Visit Exchangr’s Pricing here and decide which plan is best for you!

As you can see, Exchangr API is the easiest way to find out what the value of your currency is! Don’t waste time searching other websites when Exchangr can get you all the information you need!

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