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Where To Get Coffee Rates Using JSON API

Do you wanna know what’s the best way to get coffee rates using JSON API? Then this article is for you.

Coffee is a brewed drink that comes from coffee beans and it’s famous for its stimulation effect. It is one of the most popular drinks in the world and takes part in everyone’s lives, especially during winter and autumn. People also use it to stay woke or pass a hard day of work. With this being said, it wouldn’t be a surprise if you were interested in investing in this commodity.

The country that most coffee produces is Brazil, and it has been this way for over 150 years. In 2019, this country generated approximately 45 million kilogram bags. It was followed by Vietnam, with 25 million, and Colombia with nearly 14 million. These numbers should be proof enough that coffee is an extremely produced commodity. 

Where To Get Coffee Rates Using JSON API

So, if you’re trying to invest in coffee, then you should know that you need to stay updated on different kinds of rates almost every hour since this is a commodity that moves fast and changes constantly. It can be hard to do this, but it’s not impossible. What we recommend doing is getting a good API that will provide you with the information you need.

An API is an interface that collects data from a place and then provides ir to the person who requested it almost immediately. This happens because this technology connects two computers or applications and allows them to communicate at all times. APIs are used for many different things and in a lot of websites that we used daily, so you should know that it is a safe technology. 

How To Get An API

APIs are found in different softwares that offer you this service. However, you should know that not all of them work the same way, so you have to be careful with which one you choose. For this example, we will use Commodities-API, since we believe it’s the most complete one available.

Where To Get Coffee Rates Using JSON API

To get the API you have to:

1. Go to and sign in to get your API key

2. Look for the symbols of Coffee (COFFEE) and the currency of choice

3. Once you have them, insert them both and make the API call

4. The software will give you different answers, look for the PHP one between them. 

Most APIs use JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) language to give you the answer to your request. This is a data interchange standard used by online clients and web servers. If you were seeking the rates using this programming language, the response will be something like this:

"success": true,
"timestamp": 1519296206,
"base": "EUR",
"date": "2018-09-10",
"rates": {
"AUD": 1.566015,
"CAD": 1.560132,
"CHF": 1.154727,
"CNY": 7.827874,
"GBP": 0.882047,
"JPY": 132.360679,
"USD": 1.23396,

Is This Information Accurate?

Commodities-API collects data from banks and stock exchanges and utilizes it to provide you with the most current and secure information. Furthermore, it employs bank-grade 256-bit SSL encryption to safeguard your connection’s security at all times. Only midpoint data for commodities and currency rates is provided via the API. The midpoint is determined by taking the average median rate of Bid and Ask for a certain time period.

Rice, wheat, coffee, corn, sugar, Brent crude oil, WTI crude oil, soybeans, gold, silver, and many other commodities are supported. Our API can provide precise commodities and exchange rate data for practically any commodity, as well as 170 international currencies, including Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies.

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