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Where To Sell Machine Learning APIs On The Web?

Did you create a machine-learning API? Are you looking for a way to sell your product to earn money? Well, fortunately, today we will tell you how to sell your API. The only thing you have to do is use this API monetization platform and thus, you will achieve your goal!

Machine learning, also known as automatic learning, is a branch of artificial intelligence that aims to make a computer execute new and better actions for which it has not been initially programmed, analyzing a large amount of data from which it extracts information. necessary to “learn” and predict future situations. It is an advanced technology that takes artificial intelligence to its maximum expression, that is, making software able to execute tasks precisely without the need for a human to indicate it.

Where To Sell Machine Learning APIs On The Web?

Machine learning focuses on pattern recognition, data analysis and statistics, and this is the foundation on which it is based. Thanks to these capabilities, machines can convert a large set of figures and “nonsense” data into knowledge, which can be very useful both for making their own decisions without the need for human intervention, and for people to expand their field of knowledge. knowledge and reduce errors in decision-making. Machine learning is used to solve complex problems in an automated or semi-automated way.

And in order to take full advantage of machine learning capabilities, there are APIs. However, selling an API is not a simple task. But luckily, there are more and more ways to monetize APIs and one of these ways is using an API monetization platform like the Zyla API Hub. This service will allow you to sell your API and thus, you can earn a lot of money. In this writing, we will give you more details about this system.

You can sell Machine Learning APIs using Zyla API Hub!

Currently, Zyla API Hub is the tool of choice for hundreds of API providers to sell APIs. This platform is an API marketplace and its function is simple, monetize APIs easily and quickly. Thanks to a team of professionals in advertising and programming, you will be able to sell your API. The marketing team will be in charge of attracting organic traffic so that your API becomes more popular and thus, obtain more clients. Instead, the programming team will test the API, suggest prices (taking into account other similar APIs), test the endpoints and with their experience, help you improve the API.

Where To Sell Machine Learning APIs On The Web?

How to register an API in Zyla API Hub?

1) First you must register on the platform and enter all your data.
2) The second part of the process will be to change your developer account to API Provider. This requirement is mandatory to publish your API.
3) In the Add API part you must write all the data of your API. Data such as API name, API description, choose a category, choose an icon for your API, manage the prices of each plan, add tags and that’s it.
4) You will have to wait for the Zyla API Hub team to control every detail and they will contact you as soon as they analyze the API.

If you have any questions, before publishing the API, you can contact the Zyla API Hub. They are available through a virtual chat or by mail. They typically reply in a few minutes.

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