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Create Passwords With This API In 2022!

In these times, it is more common than we think not to remember any of our passwords that we use on a daily basis.

Imagine having enough memory to remember the passwords of all your banks, all your social networks, personal email, work email, etc.

Luckily it is no longer necessary thanks to tools such as the Password Generator API that has the possibility of only choosing the number of characters and does all the work, automatically saving each password of each site.

All safe in an only site and free from any memory loss.

There are weak passwords in every corner of your company.

Passwords are used by employees to access computers and internet resources. IT administrators have passwords that grant them exclusive access.

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 Additionally, passwords are used to launch programs and communicate information in enterprise systems like databases and applications. 

Your entire company could be at risk if a cybercriminal discovers a weak password for an account with elevated access, also referred to as “privileged credentials” by IT teams.

Strong passwords are unique and random

Creating passwords that are both of those characteristics is difficult for humans to do, let alone both. To help you build strong, memorable passwords, we developed the Password Generator API. Your best line of defense against online attacks is to use random, unique passwords because weak or reused passwords account for 81% of data breaches.

Why should my password be unique?

Using the same password for both your bank account login and your email account increases your susceptibility because an attacker only needs to acquire one password to have access to both accounts. If you’ve used the same password across 14 different accounts, you’re making it incredibly simple for an attacker to steal your data. By using a generator to generate one-of-a-kind, simple-to-remember passwords, you can safeguard yourself.

Why must my password be unpredictable?

Random passwords are challenging to decipher by computer programs and difficult to guess. The likelihood that an attacker will use a brute force attack and access your account increases significantly if there is a recognizable pattern. Unconnected characters may be thrown together to create random passwords, but combining unrelated words also works. In this manner, thePassword Generator API generates passwords that are both simple to remember and secure in terms of cryptography.

I must create a strong yet remember password. Any tips?

The ideal way to create passwords that are both secure and simple to remember is using a random password generator. The following Password Generator API will help you be safe online even if you are unable to access the tool.

Never put any personally identifiable information in your login credentials, or in any fields connected to your passwords. 
The amount of that information that may be available online could surprise you. You know those three security questions your bank makes you answer in order to log in? Don’t respond to those. Instead, generate answers to those questions using the Password Generator API . You’re good to go after saving the solutions in your vault in the same way that you would a standard password.

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