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Which API Has The Most Complete Movie And TV Series Catalogue?

How many times has it happened to you that you don’t know what to watch on TV?

Today, more than ever, with the amount of streaming movies and series on offer, one feels overwhelmed or wastes more time choosing what to watch than consuming the content itself.

If you find yourself in the same situation as almost everyone else, this Movie and Series Database API is special for you or your company.

You are probably wondering what this Movie and Series Database API is and how it works.

that’s why we invite you to stay in this article so you can learn everything about our Movie and Series Database API.

What is Movie and Series Database API?

Movie and Series Database API is an online database that initially stores information related to movies, and over time becomes the world’s largest database of television shows, live events, and events broadcast on television or on the web. , awards and specials. 

There are the production team personnel (including directors and producers), actors, series and television programs, video games, voice actors and fictional characters that appear in visual entertainment media.

Can I do an advanced search? 

Of course you can, this function allows you to perform an advanced search within the database. There are four ways to perform this quest. 

The first of all is to search for movies, series or video games using the title in question. The second option is to perform a search for people by their respective names. The third search option consists of searching for titles through the collaboration of two people, they may well be two actors, actor and director, etc. 

This search can be done by entering the name of both people in the search engine or by entering two titles (eg the name of a movie) in which the same people appear. The fourth search option consists of performing a search according to a theme or topic, within this option there are two more specific ways to perform said search. 

The first option allows you to find titles by plot, quotes, soundtrack, versions of the same title, etc. The second option allows you to find people through their biography, quotes or trivia.

How is the pricing of Movie and Series Database API

We have four incredibly diverse Movie and Series Database API programs to meet any demand you (or your business) may have.

The first gives 100 Requests each Month under the non-cost plan.

The Basic plan, which has 1,000 requests per month, is the one after that.

The Pro plan with 10,000 Requests per Month follows.

The Pro Plus, which receives 100,000 requests each month, is the last.

But as if these four outstanding plans weren’t enough, we also have a brand-new custom plan that you can modify to suit your company’s changing needs.

We work hard to be able to provide this new choice to individuals who need it since we are aware that needs are constantly changing and being added to or deleted.

We hope we have convinced you to try our Movie and Series Database API.

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