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Which Is The Best Alternative API To Scrapingbee In 2023?

Are you looking for alternatives to ScrapingBee to act as a web data mining service but don’t know where to start? Then you should read this post, since we know the best alternatives, and we offer them to you!

Web scraping or mining is used for a wide variety of tasks; for example, to collect contact details or special information very quickly. In the professional field, scraping is often used to gain advantages over the competition.

In this way, through data harvesting, a company can examine all of a competitor’s products and compare them with their own. Web scraping is also valuable in relation to financial data: it is possible to read data from an external website; organize it into a table, and then analyze and process it.

However, although this activity is perfectly legal; many companies create barriers (such as CAPTCHAs) to prevent you from accessing all the public data you want online; which is why there are tools that allow you to carry out this type of scraping; preventing you from having to do it by hand, and that you can bypass these restrictions without problems.

Among these options, the response ScrapingBee usually appears, a tool that allows you to perform this task in a fairly simple and fast way, only having to pay a small monthly fee to complete the task.

However, although many do not know it, there are very good alternatives that emerged to deliver the most up-to-date and advanced tools that services like ScrapingBee usually do not provide, therefore here we present a selection of the best alternatives to ScrapingBee in 2023!

These Are The Best Alternatives To ScrapingBee In 2023!

1. Codery

Codery is a tool and API capable of extracting almost all kinds of data you need on websites. You can use it to extract data from the web with its extensive functionalities and capabilities. Its interface is easy, just one click can guide you through the entire extraction process. As a result, you can easily extract website content and save it in structured formats like EXCEL, TXT, HTML, or your databases in a short period of time.

In addition, it provides a Scheduled Cloud Extraction that allows you to extract dynamic data in real-time and keep track of website updates. Try It here!

2. ProWebScraper

ProWebScraper is an automated web scraper designed for enterprise scale web content extraction in need of a solution. Commercial users can easily create extraction agents in just a few minutes, without any programming.

Its REST API can extract data from web pages to offer instant answers in seconds. Users can easily create extraction agents by simply pointing and clicking.

3. allows users to get online resources in a neat format from all over the world and get real-time data from them. This web crawler allows you to crawl data and extract keywords in many different languages using multiple filters that cover a wide range of sources.

In turn, you can save the scraped data in XML, JSON and RSS formats; and users can access history data from their file.

Now that you know the most attractive options so that you can start using alternatives to ScrapingBee, we recommend that you try them and you will see that they have a lot to offer!

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