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Which Is The Best API To Check CNG Prices In India?

Taking care of the world has become one of the main priorities as the years have passed. Everyone has changed their habits. Either stop eating meat, start using bikes instead of cars as a mean of tranporst among other things. But in India, people have chosen to start using CNG. Compressed Natural Gas lowers hazardous pollutants and is sometimes referred to as the “green fuel” because it is lead and sulphur free.When compared to conventional gasoline and diesel, CNG burns cleaner. Compared to gasoline-powered automobiles, carbon monoxide emissions are reduced by about 80%, while hydrocarbon production is decreased by 44%. Despite being substantially less, natural gas still contributes to greenhouse gas emissions.Another advantage of CNG is that, in the event of a leak, there is no risk of ground water contamination because the fuel is non-toxic.Additionally, CNG vehicles are quieter to operate than gasoline and diesel ones, which reduces noise pollution. Not only is more eco-friendly, but it is also a cheaper fuel option when being compared to Diesel or Petrol. Also, it is a safer fuel as  it is lighter than air, so in case of leak it just rises up and disperses into the atmosphere and mixes in the air easily and evenly.

Which Is The Best API To Check CNG Prices In India?

Despite being the best option in regards of the environment, CNG prices seem to never stop scalating. Delhi, Gujarat, and Maharashtra are the three states where CNG price changes are most noticeable. This is due to the fact that these three states are home to 80–90% of CNG connections and 76% of the nation’s CNG stations. The CNG system isirregular in the remaining states. Because the tax rates vary so greatly between states, there is a significant disparity in the price of CNG in each state. For instance, CNG is completely tax-free in Delhi but it is 12.5%, 13.5%, and 15% in UP, Maharashtra, and Gujarat, respectively. One of the reasons why prices change so greatly is the fact that affects the entire world, actually which is the war. But India, being a more dependable country than others, finds itself being more touched by these changes.

This is why, you should be at all times aware of these changes and never be caught by surprise. You can start using the Fuel Prices In India API. This Application Programming Interface provided by Zyla Labs.

Which Is The Best API To Check CNG Prices In India?

You can trust that you will be provided with the latest fuel prices as these are checked every day at 6am. If you are curious about how the API functions, this API will return the most recent fuel, diesel, and CNG prices after receiving the city ID of your choice. Furthermore, you will be given the difference if the price has changed in any way. Among the most regular uses of this tool, it can be found:

  • Cost estimations: This API is perfect for courier services who need to know the cost of fuel in each city they serve. They might use this information to calculate how much fuel they would need in each city.
  • Comparison of costs: When developing your product, compare the prices in various states and advise your users to buy fuel at the lowest possible cost.

One of the greatest things about the API is the fact that There are no restrictions other than the monthly cap on API calls.

Stop being surprised by the changes in the CNG prices and be prepared for them. Use this API and watch what happens.

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