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Which Is The Best Contextual Marketing Solution? Use A Data Enrichment API!

Are you looking to make a contextual marketing campaign? With a data enrichment API, you can make this work really easy! See this post to the end to learn all about it!

The process of adding new information to a client’s data is known as data enrichment. This is done by incorporating information from other sources into the client’s profile, or by processing the client’s existing data to add extra specifics.

You can, for example, improve your client profiles by extracting and processing email addresses from web forms filled out by your customers. Is frequently present in marketing campaigns to boost lead quality, which in turn increases campaign success.

Marketing campaigns are a wonderful approach to reach out to new customers and enhance sales. However, getting the optimum outcomes from your campaign is not always easy.

Enhancing your existing customer database with extra information about each client, such as their social media profiles and interests, is one method to boost your outcomes. This will allow you to direct your marketing efforts toward clients who are more likely to respond positively.

Is An API My Best Option?

APIs act as an interface between two applications, allowing data to exchange. They are part of a self-learning algorithm that analyzes the relationship between HTML content and IAB categories. The output of that system is a simple JSON file that contains all the detected associations.

APIs facilitate data management by providing a simple, powerful interface for building web apps that leverage existing business systems. With an AI-powered data enrichment API, you can make the entire process of data enrichment for your company much more efficient and accurate.

That is why we recommend you try out this data enrichment API today!

Why Klazify?

Klazify is a well-known and widely used API in today’s world. This program uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to detect online information and a Machine Learning Engine to evaluate a website’s content and meta tags.

Klazify have also a search engine that sorts web pages and businesses into categories depending on their expertise. Its goal is to locate, rate, and categorize the greatest websites on the web (up to 3 levels).

Also, Klazify’s data enrichment API allows you to enrich leads with additional information from third-party sources, such as an email address or phone number. You can also use it to enrich leads with demographic data from public sources, such as Census Bureau data or LinkedIn profiles.

How To Use It?

1. Go to and get an API key.

2. Paste the URL, domain, email address, or text to categorize into the provided box, then confirm that you are not a robot by clicking the submit button.

3. You’ll then receive the API answer in your preferred programming language. Klazify makes use of JSON, Python, and PHP.

4. Select the best result and save it. After that, you’re free to do whatever you want with it.

For additional information, go to

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