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Which Is The Most Useful Email Sender API Of 2022?

Do you want to try the best easy to use email API? We have a recommendation!

You may establish relationships with your customers and foster greater brand loyalty by using transactional email, which is simple.

Transactional emails are more focused on nurturing existing customer relationships, enhancing customer service, and boosting confidence in your company than marketing emails, which are typically used to increase brand and product recognition.

What is transactional email?

A tailored email that is delivered to a person in response to an online interaction started by the recipient is referred to as a transactional email or a triggered email.

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They often have a practical purpose, such as to confirm email subscriptions, send shipment updates, or inform customers of their orders.

Transactional emails function as a customer service tool in this way by foreseeing future problems your consumers might have and responding to those in a sure-footed, comforting manner. Effective email communication is a technique that fosters trust.

What is a transactional email vs a marketing email?

While the majority of people believe that the sole distinction between transactional and marketing emails is the quantity of recipients, there are other factors at play.

Traditionally, marketing emails are sent to a list of recipients with the express purpose of persuading the reader to act. Marketing emails are generally seen as anything that advertises a company or nonprofit and invites the receiver to buy something, give money, or even read more. In essence, they demand action from the recipient.

While requiring no additional action from the recipient, transactional emails are sent to a person in response to a specific action the recipient has performed. Transactional emails just confirm a recipient’s action.

On the other hand, a password reset email is a transactional email. Only when a client reports having lost their password will this email be sent. Even while all password reset emails use the same broad structure, the specific text is different for each customer and is only delivered in response to requests.

The way they are governed is the other significant distinction between transactional emails and marketing emails.

While marketing emails should only be sent to customers who have subscribed, transactional emails can be sent to clients even if they have not signed up for your email list. This indicates that transactional emails do not need an unsubscribe link, in contrast to conventional marketing emails.

Why do we recommend Emailer API?

With this API, forget about tasks that consume your time when emailing is about. With no need to connect SMTP, validate your domain and more, you will be able to start using this API. 

What this API receives and what your API provides (input/output)?

To easy to use. This API will receive the email address to where the emails will be sent, a title and the message. Just that, and you will be sending your emails right away. 

What are the most common uses cases of this API?

Receive notifications of user behavior

You can set a notification system where you will be receiving different notifications depending on the user’s behavior. Be ready to detect if the user is signed up, if they asked for a refund, and if they need to purchase any of your products. 

Send OTP (one-time-password) via email

Be able to verify the login of your users by sending them an OTP to their emails. And start making the login page more secure. 

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