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Why Content Safety Is Extremely Important And How An API Can Help You With It

Are you wondering why content safety is extremely important and how an API can help you with it? Then, this article is for you because here we will talk about this and introduce you to the best tool for it!

Nowadays, there is a concept that is very common in the adtech world and in digital marketing, and that every company manager should know: content safety. What do we mean when we talk about it?

When discussing the security of your website’s content, This refers to whether your material is appropriate, if it adheres to the guidelines that Google encourages, if it is linked to other similarly healthy websites, and if so, to which categories. In other words, it helps to show whether or not a site is secure for visitors.

To enhance visitors, a site’s health is crucial. If search engines do not deem your material to be relevant, it will rank poorly in their results, no adverts will be displayed on your website, and your click-through rate will decrease.

How can you prevent this? A content safety API can be used. These software tools were developed to assess the condition of any website, and they can provide you with details about the website of your business or even other websites.

These sophisticated APIs offer a confidence score and details about a site’s domain reputation. Additionally, people typically respond with a yes/no response when asked if a website is safe.

They do this by utilizing cutting-edge methods. Along with a domain’s WHOIS details, name server configurations, IP address infrastructure, SSL connections made by the target domain, SSL certificates, DNX MX record setup, associated mail server settings, and SSL certificates, the outcomes of a reverse IP lookup are also assessed.

In order to ensure that your site is in good shape for advertising and promotion as well as to provide secure web browsing for your leads, you need install a domain reputation API. Many content safety APIs are now readily available, like Clearbit and URL-Classification. Despite this, we’ll show you the one that we think is the most reliable and accurate in this article.

What Is The Best Content Safety API Available?

Therefore, we will recommend the most dependable API available in 2022: the Children Safety And Domain Reputation API, on the Zyla API Hub, to help you monitor the security state of any website and to safeguard your company network.

You can rapidly ascertain whether a website is secure and safe by using a search engine. On the other hand, this API may assist you in avoiding frauds and objectionable websites. As a result, this API is strongly advised for enhancing security on all fronts, but notably for enhancing visitor security on your website.

The confidence level, which ranges from 1 to 100, the kid safety level, which also ranges from 1 to 100, and the safety status—which in a secure domain signals “safe”—will all be recovered. You will also be given a confidence score and a list of categories so that you can quickly determine if URLs contain explicit or illegal content. 

How To Use This

The Domain Reputation and Child Safety API is the easiest to use. To get to know the confidence score of any site, you are only required to make a few clicks. In the section below, we’ll demonstrate how to assess the security of any domain using this software.

  1. Choose the Domain Reputation and Children Safety API from the Zyla API Hub.
  2. Create an API Key and verify your human status.
  3. Enter the URL being investigated and analyzed.
  4. Analyze the results to determine which domains need to be blocked.

You already know the reasons why content safety is extremely important and what API can help you with it. Just start using it and take care of the health of your site!

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