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Why Do Companies Use The Web Crawler API In 2023?

Wondering if there is the right API on the internet for you? Do not worry! There is a scraping API that will revolutionise your life in just seconds. Why do you need it? It does not really matter! It is so simple and intuitive that anybody can get it. Employ Codery API right away!

What is a web crawler API?

Well, before we can even start explaining what Codery API is or anything else, we need to make sure we are all on the same page. A web crawler is any program that scans and extracts information from any website. Very simple, right?

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Why do you not use Codery API yet? Get it now!

Why do you need Codery API?

Now to what we have come here, the web crawler of the year -probably years. This system grants a service that can not be topped by anything. ScrapingBee, Page2API and BrowseAI? None is actually really budget-friendly. Yes, they all have their own positive individual characteristics but none of them is superior to what Codery API has to offer.

This scraping API grants a very accurate and reliable service. And here is the thing. it can not take all the credit. One of the reasons why so many people decide to employ Codery API and why it is so well-known is because it works together with JavaScript. Well, not together together, but this web crawler uses this programming language to render online information. This is perfect because this way the information will be useful right away. Besides, it only retrieves the HTML; no ads, images or CSS will be included in that response.

Who uses it?

Its most common users are software engineers, of course. This is because of the features mentioned above. They allow them to rapidly integrate information into their programmes. Nonetheless, there is another segment that enjoys working with Codery API. Market analysts are huge enjoyers of this website extraction API. It brings the information in a super organized manner that helps them read it and analyze it quicker than ever!

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Why do you not use Codery API yet? Get it now!

Is it possible for everybody to use it?

For sure! No matter your age, programming knowledge and budget, everybody is welcome to employ Codery API. It is extremely simple to access and use. Firstly, let’s talk about accessing it. There are two things you must do in order to access the web crawler. The first one is visiting the system’s website, of course. We made it easier for you and linked it to all the images here as well as to the name tags. And the second thing you will do is register. Now, here you have three options. There are three different packages to which you can subscribe. The only difference is the number of API calls. For example, there is the “DEMO” plan, which is uncharged and grants 100 API calls; then there is the “FREELANCER” plan, which costs $49.9 USD a month and includes 100,000 API calls; and the last one is the “STARTUP” plan, which offers 1,000,000 API calls for $99.9 USD a month.

After you have finished that, you can easily pass any URL from the website you desire to extract information from, and Codery API will do the rest!

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