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Why Do We Need Big Data To Improve Our SEO?

According to the University of Maryville, by the end of 2020, each person generated 1.7 megabytes of information per second. For this reason, knowing about big data is going to be fundamental if we want to survive in a world so overwhelmed with information. Why Do We Need Big Data To Improve Our SEO? Keep reading! Here we will talk about it.

Why do we need Big Data?

Data science provides valuable information about the performance of a website, information that can help us improve our SEO campaigns. This science is used to make predictions about upcoming trends, and to know how the user will behave through analysis and machine learning. For example, by analyzing the tastes of its customers, Netflix is ​​able to produce a series knowing its more than likely future success.

How can it help SEO?

Data Science helps us make much more specific decisions, as it allows us to:

Visualize which combinations have the potential to have the greatest impact on potential visitors to our website.

Create marketing campaigns that are aligned with the tastes and needs of our customers.

Understand the preferences of our guests and identify possible pain points.

Identify the reference sources of conversion traffic, that is, from where users access our website.

Check the loading time of the web, indexing, bounce rate, response errors, and redirects…

Check the most and least crawled URLs.

Identify the pages that we want the crawlers not to index.

Identify sources of unusual traffic.

SEO optimization on the website itself is just one example of how positioning experts combine data visualization with Data Science to provide better search results.
In conclusion, data science is focused on taking the guesswork out of SEO. Instead of bragging about what works and how a specific action affects our goals, we need to start using data science to learn what gets us those results and how we can quantify our success.

Select data sources and use Big Data to Improve SEO

We must understand that the quality of our data sources has a direct impact on the knowledge of that data. We need the right tools to track important metrics more accurately. There are several tools that can help us collect the data correctly to make better decisions. We recommend you try Site Traffic API.

Use Big Data To Improve Your SEO

With Site Traffic API

Site Traffic API offers a JSON API to estimate website traffic statistics. It includes website worth/value and monthly page views, in addition to unique visitors, site revenue (from advertising), and more. Equally important, you can integrate this API into your services to provide traffic statistics to your clients. As well, you can use it to quickly estimate the amount of traffic to any website.

This is a very powerful algorithm that can estimate the amount of traffic to any website. It took years to fine-tune it to be as accurate as possible and we constantly improve it. Powered by SimilarWeb, this website analytics tool can help businesses to estimate the website traffic volume of competitors; while media/advertising agencies and SEO agencies can use it to check the traffic of any website.

Want to learn more about Site Traffic API?

For additional information on how to take advantage of the Site Traffic API, go to the FAQ on Site Traffic or check Use This Site Traffic API To Measure The Performance Of Your Site

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