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With This API You Can Calculate The CO2 Footprint In Kg Of Carbon

Do not wait for change, be the change and calculate the CO2 Footprint of your business with this API. If you want, it provides the information in Kg Of Carbon. 

The advancement in technologies has made the economic health of our industries and companies grow. Now, people have access to comfort and easier communication. If you look at your surrounding it is obvious all the amazing things we have accomplished. For example, it is possible to travel with safety and calmness to countries and continents.  Also, buses, trains, and cars are constantly being modernized.  

The same thing happens with the performance of companies. Since technologies offer automation and intelligence, they have the possibility of never stopping their game. Hence, the fashion industry can continuously create clothing and cosmetics; energy production is never-ending; the oil industry is always on the go; and so on. 

But did you know all of these actions and industries are causing our planet to die? Yes, they are both witnesses and offenders to the toxic emissions of CO2 that are damaging our world. Of course, they can’t stop their activities but they could be more aware of their impact and reduce their CO2 footprint. 

Therefore, it is key to use introduce a Carbon data API in the system of all companies. This way they can track their CO2 footprint in Kg Of Carbon. 

CO2 Footprint

What Is A CO2 Footprint?

The Carbon Footprint is a tool for calculating how much greenhouse gas is emitted into the environment. This is a result of someone, an organization, an event, or a product using direct and indirect energy and material use.

The computation serves as the basis for identifying the actions and behaviors that have the greatest impact on emissions. From there, ideas for management strategies for energy inputs and resources, are developed.

As you can see, by obtaining this information, businesses can understand better where their emissions are coming from. Hence, where to start making a change. In order to calculate such an impact in an automatic way, The Carbon API was developed. 

Integrate The Carbon API & Be The Change

Evidently, CO2 emissions are damaging our world. For a while, it was doing it silently but now we are witnessing all the damaging phenomena that are happening worldwide. Hence, companies must start calculating their carbon footprint and act upon it. One of the easiest ways to do so is through an API. 

Carbon API is an application programming interface that thrives in sustainability. The API provides detailed input in terms of the CO2 footprint of businesses. It is a carbon calculator that continuously analyzes the data entering the program and updates companies with Kg of Carbon. 

As a result, they can clearly see and act upon the kilograms of carbon they are using and consuming to carry out their activities. Actually, the Carbon interface allows the uploading of information and creates a powerful dashboard with clear analytics into their organization’s monthly CO2 footprint. 

Get This Emissions Calculator API:

  • Visit 
  • Go to the right corner of the page and “Register”
  • Finally, check your email and validate it
  • Now you have access to your API Key 
CO2 Footprint

To continue reading about ways this Carbon API will help you save the environment; this other article can keep opening your perspective. Good luck!

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