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YouHodler introduces the euro on its platform in the course of further globalization

YouTodler, a FinTech and crypto lending platform, has just announced adding the Euro (EUR) to its list of Fiat credit options. In response to the growing demands of its European user base, the EUR is now joining the USD as the first supplement to this multi-currency platform. Previously, a user could borrow in USD and receive money borrowed via USDT or USD / EUR bank transfer. Now all users can also receive loans in EUR. After selecting BTC, BCH, BSV, ETH, XRP or LTC as collateral options, users can apply for a USD and EUR-Fiat loan. The option to repay the loan in EUR is also available.

Reasons for introduction

All coin rates on the YouHodler platform are linked to EUR. For example, 1 BTC = 3000 EUR instead of 3500 USD. In addition, users are given more flexibility because they can now change currency at any time. If a user wants to borrow two USD loans and then two loans in EUR (or any combination), this is possible.

Each customer will receive two specific Fiat wallets (USD and EUR) after signing up and checking for their money. Fiat funds can be freely transferred between the wallets. Currently, YouHodler has no immediate plans to add another Fiat option, but CEO and co-founder Ilya Volkov said:

“We are pleased to announce the integration of EUR on our platform and look forward to the next expansion. We simply add what our user base requires. If our customers in Mexico require peso (MEX) integration, we will add them. If our Japanese customers want to add Japanese Yen (JPY), we will add this. In an effort to globalize our platform and open crypto-credit to the world, we would like to hear the thoughts of our community and respond accordingly. ”

In collaboration with the launch of EUR, YouHodler will also release a new, more efficient credit card verification feature. Linking a credit card to your personal account and the review process are automated. Soon, users will be able to withdraw and deposit EUR directly from their credit card.

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