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10 German startups that you should know about

Certain startups and grownups knows almost everyone. Some are almost omnipresent in the scene as well as in the startup and business press. But every few seconds a startup is founded somewhere in Germany. Among these many new startups, but also among the numerous grownups are some companies that are clearly unknown and have earned much more attention. That’s why once again presents some really hot startups that should know a lot more people.


Cologne based Cannamedical, which was founded by David Henn in 2016, launched in March 2017 following the legalization of cannabis as a medical product. In the first fiscal year, the Rhinelanders sold about 300 kilograms of medical cannabis. Cannamedical already employs about 40 people. American lender Orkila Capital recently invested 15 million euros in Cannamedical.


The Munich startup Cuno, a flat-rate provider of vehicles, collected more than 30 million euros in a few months. Funders include alar Ventures, the investor of Peter Thiel, Acton Capital Partners and Atlantic Labs. Customers pay a fixed monthly price for their car at Cluno. This includes all costs except fuel. After six months, customers can change their car at any time. Cluno was founded by Nico and Christina Poletti as well as Andreas Schuierer. The trio founded in 2011 easyautosale, a marketplace for car sales. In 2015, Bayjuwaren sold the startup to Autoscout24.

Help check

The InsurTech Helpcheck, founded in 2016 by Phil Sokowicz and Peer Schulz, helps clients cancel their life insurance policies. Which were completed between 1994 and 2007 in family office from Germany. And a company from the legal industry recently invested 11 million euros in the Düsseldorf startup.


The Berlin startup HeyJobs, which was founded in 2016 by Marius Luther and Marius Jeuck positions itself as a performance marketing solution for recruiters. The company came from Memorado, a brain jogging app. Creathor Venture, Global Founders Capital and Sunstone Capital and Co. have already invested over € 10 million in the startup. More than 60 employees worked at HeyJobs.


The Berlin startup i2x, behind the MCB Lab and thus Michael Brehm, is in charge of software development and sales in the field of artificial intelligence.

UVC Partners has just invested € 10 million in the startup with former shareholders Holtzbrinck Ventures, btov Partners, Discovery Ventures and MS & AD Ventures, which has already raised € 5 million.


The Munich based company Konux is building intelligent sensor systems for Industry 4.0 applications. The Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, New Enterprise Associates, MIG and Co. are currently investing around 33 million US dollars. Konux was founded in 2014 by Andreas Kunze, Dennis Humhal and Vlad Lata.


The young company FinTech Mambu, which was launched in 2011, enables banking service providers to develop credit product in a short time. US investor Bessemer Venture Partners and existing investors Acton Capital, CommerzVentures, Point Nine Capital and Runa Capital have recently invested € 30 million in Berlin’s SaaS banking platform.

power cloud

Under the boring headline “PowerCloud and General Atlantic Agree on Strategic Partnership”, these companies recently announced General Atlantic’s entry into powercloud. According to the press release, General Atlantic acquired a minority stake in powercloud, a cloud software provider for the energy industry. It is now clear that 45% of the company secured and invested a three-digit million amount. powercloud was founded in 2012 by Marco Beicht.


The Berlin startup Raisin, known in this country as Weltsparen, positions itself as a marketplace for savings and investment products. Hedosophia, Index Ventures, PayPal, Ribbit Capital, Thrive Capital and Co. have already invested 170 million euros in Fintech, which was founded in 2012 by Tamaz Georgadze, Frank Freund and Michael Stephan. According to its own information, the company currently connects more than 160,000 customers from 31 European countries with partner banks. Since the launch of Raisin mediated by the press release more than 10 billion euros to partner banks.

Sunshine Smile

The rail track startup SunshineSmile was founded by Peter Baumgart, Constantin Bisanz, Lukas Brosseder and David Khalil. The quartet uses SunshineSmile for invisible cosmetic splints so-called aligners. The concept comes from the USA, where is about Smile Direct Club with the concept on the road. brands4Friends and eDarling donors Holtzbrinck Ventures and Lakestar have already invested over 10 million in the startup.

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