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16 startups that are making a difference in the industry

Persomatch is one of the more senior startups.

So we looked at which startups are still in the recruitment industry.

Final Stage

Final Stage has built an interesting approach to talent sharing: In the closed community, companies can recommend applicants who could not be hired in their own company.


Personnel  campaign uses online marketing measures to quickly find suitable candidates for its customers.

Hunt Club

Hunt Club uses AI and Machine Learning in a network of influencers to find high potential candidates.


Hundred5works in its performance based software with skill challenges. After applicants have processed the tasks, the system filters out suitable candidates for the recruiter.


Personio now offers a complete HR management platform including recruitment measures.


RoboRecruiter automates the typical Recruitment conversations via Messenger.


PocketRecruiter uses AI to match applicants with scores and save the recruiter time in the selection process.


With its talent pipelines and analysis of usage data on the company’s website, CandidateID provides an overview of which applicants are particularly interested in the business.


Behavera has developed a simulation in which applicants play through typical work tasks. The tool then analyzes which candidates fit best.

Resourcing Insigh

Resourcing Insight takes data from applications and CVs and prepares them in a clear dashboard.


WhyApply uses challenges instead of job ads. In real job-related tasks, applicants can show what they can do.

Omnium App

Omnium App wants to make an appointment with the new employer in only 3 steps.


Harver takes recruits through predictive preselection by reviewing resumes and applications with AI.


Woo has built the first AI-based headhunter with Helena.


Honeypot offers developers the opportunity to set their CV so companies can apply to the developers.


Hired works on the same principle, except that other professions than software developers can stop their documents and companies compete with them.

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