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Month: January 2019

Fintech Contovista broadens its management to make banking a more personal experience

Dominik Wurzer and Olivier Brin will join forces to support the enlarged management team in order to meet the rapid growth of recent years and further expand Contovista’s vision for data-driven banking. The extension of the management team is the result of the continuing great potential of artificial intelligence-based solutions…

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Speedvesting turning into the most appropriate option for startups seeking growth

The venture capital fund Speedinvest, headquartered in Vienna, launches a new investment fund. “Speedinvest 3” aims at 175 million euros by the end of 2019. It invests in European start-ups from the fields of Deeptech, Fintech, Artificial Intelligence and Industry 4.0. “The capital will not only come from Austria but…

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XRP price has increased by ten percent

SWIFT, the global system for handling cross-border payments, announced today that it will integrate R3’s open source blockchain solution into a proof of concept phase. Proof of Concept Blockchain integration The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) is a global banking payment network. It works with more than 11,000…

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How to manage startup costs

Most founders like to talk about their growth rate and monthly sales. But do they focus on their costs? Rather not. As long as more revenue (or investments) is coming than the amount spent, everything feels right. A regular look at the cost structure and a suitable forecast can be…

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Startup scouting in Berlin: making bridges between startups and the corporative world

What are the technological trends of the future? Which are the most suitable startup solutions for a specific problem? Those are questions to deal with as a startup scout at the Startup Intelligence Center at Daimler Financial Services. The Startup Intelligence Center (SIC) is the entry point for all young…

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